The last place I visited before leaving San Diego this trip was Extraordinary Desserts. We went there to celebrate my sister’s birthday since it was the only time we would all be together at a time close to her birthday. Walking in, we saw just how amazing this place was! We went at a strange time on purpose so that there wouldn’t be too many people there and that totally paid off because as we were leaving, a lot of people arrived and the line go quite long.

Opened by San Diego native, Executive Pastry Chef/Owner, Karen Krasne, the coffees, teas, and desserts found at Extraordinary Desserts certainly are extraordinary! Just walking in, the display cases were filled to the brim and even overflowing with the most delicious desserts I have ever seen! Words can hardly describe the desserts that were available for purchase! It definately look us awhile but we eventually decided on two to try:

Flourless Chocolate Cake: topped with fresh fruit and gold foil, plated with fruit purees
Dulce de Leche Cake: plated with swirls of chocolate and caramel

What an extraordinary end to this San Diego adventure!

An extraordinary photo adventure:











[room 329] apple time

October 23, 2014


Yesterday in class, we read a non-fiction text about the life cycle of an apple tree. Then the students worked on writing the main ideas and details from the text. After they were done and had written down a sufficient amount of details to show that they understood the text, they were allowed to glue their paper on a big black paper. Then the students took apples that had been cut in half horizontally (which revealed the seed star) and used the apples like a stamp.

I mean, you know that when you cut a apple in half horizontally, you see a special design, right? It looks like a star, but the more I think about it, I think it’s supposed to reflect the five petals of an apple blossom. What do you think?

The apples

Apple prints

Painted apples

Creative minds



I’ve gotten do to a bit of domestic travel this past week, and one of the great cities I got to visit was Chicago – the windy city (interestingly enough, named not for its weather but for its politicians’ hot air bellowing)!

As a couple friends and I were walking around downtown, I caught of whiff of glorious popcorn and had to stop to buy some.  Turns out it was Garrett’s popcorn, a pretty well-known Chicago popcorn store with several locations.  There was all sorts of popcorn flavors – butter, cheesecorn, caramel, and other caramelized popcorn flavors with candied nuts mixed in. Take a look below!


The order counter!  Apparently my friends and I lucked out.  On this particular day, we only had to wait about 15 minutes in line.  I hear they are usually out the door and down the block!


Popcorn flavors galore!


It was so delicious, I forgot to take a picture before I started chowing down, but here is a peek inside my half-eaten bag of the Garrett Mix, half caramel and half cheesecorn! I will definitely be back here next time I’m in Chicago!




Seaport Village is a little shopping, dining, and entertainment area in Downtown San Diego right next to the water. I’ve been here a few times before during previous San Diego trips. I feel like I’m always expecting more out of this place because it’s always listed on the list of places to visit when you’re in San Diego. But every time I go, I’m a little disappointed! There just doesn’t seem to be that much going on and the stores aren’t all that great. Really, they’re mostly novelty shops and while wind chimes are nice to look at, I’m not really going to buy one … sorry! Oh well, at least parts of it are beautiful looking and it’s right by the ocean so when it’s not super sunny, it’s actually quite nice to walk along the water.

A Seaport-style photo adventure:










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