Personally, I think the Bellagio is one of the prettiest casinos on The Strip in Las Vegas. The Bellagio is filled with flowers and more flowers and, of course, its famous fountain out front. I love how the entire building is actually set back from The Strip a little bit largely to account for the space needed for the large fountain.

Inside, walking through the Bellagio you get the sense that you’ve pretty much stepped into a large garden. The giant greenhouse display with gigantic flowers, garden tools, birds above and snails below in the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens helps congeal the theme. I mean, even the hanging glass blooms in the hotel registration area is a feast for the gardener eyes.

A Las Vegas-style flower show:









goodreads-secrethistoryThe Secret History by Donna Tartt is one of the few books I actually own a physical copy of. It was actually a really random buy many years ago when I was in high school. My friend at that time actually bought the same book as me at the same time. I’ve read the book a few times since then and feel like I still don’t understand the whole story! In high school, I loved my Classical literature class and since this book is very much related to Greek literature and society, I absolutely wanted to read this book.

It’s about a poor student named Richard Papen who arrived at Hampden College in Vermont and suddenly found himself a part of a group of rich, Classics studying students. Somehow, he fits in despite the obvious societal differences and they study Classic literature with a rather devoted professor. The real story comes in though when the students reveal to Richard that one night during a bacchanalian frenzy, they accidentally killed a person, which then led to a purposeful second killing and the rest of this psychological thriller. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of psychological thrillers, but considering my continued love for Greek literature, I can still say that I pretty much still love this book!

BLT Burger is not the only amazing place to eat at The Mirage. One of the things you cannot really skip when in Las Vegas is feasting at a buffet. We’ve found that lunch is usually the best deal. With my family, we decided on The Mirage’s Cravings Buffet. Since we happened to be there on a holiday weekend, it ended up that the lunch and dinner buffets were the same price so we decided to show up right at the end of lunch and also get a taste of their dinner offerings — it was mostly the same foods. Personally, while the gelato bar and sushi offerings weren’t so great, I would most definitely say that the carving station was a highlight!

Craving a photo adventure:









One of my favorite casinos in Las Vegas makes you think that you’ve hopped onto a plane and flown over to Venice, Italy for a bit. Of course, the canals filled with gondoliers are amazing to see, but really the art on the walls and ceilings are just as amazing. I also love how the inside of the Venetian is made to look like the outside which means the store look like they have outside storefronts and there was even a guy dressed and painted white to look like a marble statue. Granted I’ve never actually stayed in the Venetian, nor have I ever gambled there, since that’s usually while people go there. I’m guessing though that I’m not the only one who likes the canals and Venetian-style decor!

A Las Vegas Venetian-style photo adventure:







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