3-on-3 soccer madness

April 20, 2014

Yesterday, I went to a soccer tournament. I love going to soccer tournaments because not only does it remind me of when I used to play soccer (even though I was really bad and always scared of the ball), but it’s a chance to see students outside of their usual school self.

This tournament was a special 3-on-3 tournament meaning the fields were tiny, the goals super short, and there’s no goalie on the field. In this tournament, there were no off-sides, balls were always kicked instead of thrown in from the sidelines, and you essentially had to play two forwards and one back (who also acted as a semi-goalie who couldn’t use his hands). This tournament was also at Phoenix College. I’ve had been to Phoenix College once prior to this soccer tournament, and for a community college, I’m really surprised as to how nice their sports facilities are. They must have a pretty big athletics department. It was neat to see the Phoenix College men’s soccer team act as referees though (even if some of them probably didn’t want to be there all that much and it showed). Ah well, at least the tournament itself was fun to watch!

Welcome to Phoenix College!

Tiny 3-on-3 soccer fields

View of the whole tournament

I’ve visited Carly’s Bistro before. It’s a local downtown Phoenix location that serves lots of vegan options. The food is amazing, but last time, the service was not. This time, I went with a friend after work so unwind and talk about our day. This time, the food was still amazing. And this time, the service was awesome, too!

Carly’s Bistro has so many delicious-sounding items on their menu it was very difficult to pick what I wanted. In the end, my friend and I both started with a Side Greek Salad. I’m not usually a huge fan of Greek salad because I’m a little on the fence about feta cheese, but the salad was really delicious, the olives nice and salty, and the pickled onions just right. After that, I had the Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Soup. It’s a prosciutto bacon, aged brie, smoked mozzarella, and Swiss cheese Panini served with Tomato Basil Bisque. The bowl was Tomato Basil Bisque was so big there was no way I was going to finish all my food, but at least all that I was able to eat was absolutely delicious! And it’s totally places like this that make me sad I don’t like right downtown anymore!

Side Greek Salad

Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Soup





All the first grade classes always have a huge Easter Egg Hunt every year the last day of school before Easter. While that might be kind of fun, I don’t really see any educational value in it and I know many of my students do egg hunts with their families anyway so it seems pointless to do one at school, too. Instead, my aides and I modify the idea of an egg hunt into a scavenger hunt that forces the students to think outside the box and look for hidden clues throughout the school. We hide plastic eggs with clues in them all around the school and the students have to use their language skills to look for the next clue. At the end, they find a tiny pot of candy. It’s usually pretty fun and we plan on doing this again this afternoon! Hope it’s a success!

Egg hunt preparations!

eatery re-review 2014

April 16, 2014


A new installment of our eatery re-reviews,
Reflecting on our visits to these venues.
Satisfying treats worth remembering again?
Or, establishments deserving our refrain !

Clever Koi serves Asian fusion.
Pig-face dumpling and octopus sausage are indeed clever.
Cagey names alone are not enough persuasion,
Ultimately, so-so taste did not deliver.

Ono Hawaiian Grill is Hawaiian (con)fusion,
Spam Sushi – ingenious or abomination?
Even Hormel didn’t dare to imagine,
Its flagship Spam is now a healthy cuisine.

Amy Ruth has the soul food staple,
Chicken & waffle, fried or smothered
Southwest native American make it simple,
Just fry bread, as The Fry Bread House offered

We were expecting cool beer quencher,
At The Main Ingredient Ale House & Café.
But, stifling hot temperature,
Totally ruined our stay.

The Stockyards Restaurant in Phoenix:
The Original Arizona Steakhouse, it claims.
Prime rib and baby-back ribs were not good picks.
Wild boar & venison sausage, less impressive than its names.

Want a thick tortilla stuffed with cheese and meat?
That’ll be Salvadoreańo’s pupusa from El Salvador,
Khyber Halal’s Afghani meatball could be a treat,
Unhelpful menu and unfriendly server were hard to endure

Café Lilibela & Blue Nile Café are Ethiopian.
Prepare to use your hand with Injera bread.
If you prefer Brazilian,
Fogo De Chao offers BBQ spread.

How about pecan pie, sans pecan,
That will be MomoFuku’s crack pie.
Something less filling to indulge on?
Give Miss Anita’s Pie Shop’s mini pies a try.

It’s been fun reminiscing,
We hope enjoyable and entertaining.
Until we rehash the next batch,
Bon appétit at the places of eating.


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