The last place I visited before leaving San Diego this trip was Extraordinary Desserts. We went there to celebrate my sister’s birthday since it was the only time we would all be together at a time close to her birthday. Walking in, we saw just how amazing this place was! We went at a strange time on purpose so that there wouldn’t be too many people there and that totally paid off because as we were leaving, a lot of people arrived and the line go quite long.

Opened by San Diego native, Executive Pastry Chef/Owner, Karen Krasne, the coffees, teas, and desserts found at Extraordinary Desserts certainly are extraordinary! Just walking in, the display cases were filled to the brim and even overflowing with the most delicious desserts I have ever seen! Words can hardly describe the desserts that were available for purchase! It definately look us awhile but we eventually decided on two to try:

Flourless Chocolate Cake: topped with fresh fruit and gold foil, plated with fruit purees
Dulce de Leche Cake: plated with swirls of chocolate and caramel

What an extraordinary end to this San Diego adventure!

An extraordinary photo adventure:











I’ve gotten do to a bit of domestic travel this past week, and one of the great cities I got to visit was Chicago – the windy city (interestingly enough, named not for its weather but for its politicians’ hot air bellowing)!

As a couple friends and I were walking around downtown, I caught of whiff of glorious popcorn and had to stop to buy some.  Turns out it was Garrett’s popcorn, a pretty well-known Chicago popcorn store with several locations.  There was all sorts of popcorn flavors – butter, cheesecorn, caramel, and other caramelized popcorn flavors with candied nuts mixed in. Take a look below!


The order counter!  Apparently my friends and I lucked out.  On this particular day, we only had to wait about 15 minutes in line.  I hear they are usually out the door and down the block!


Popcorn flavors galore!


It was so delicious, I forgot to take a picture before I started chowing down, but here is a peek inside my half-eaten bag of the Garrett Mix, half caramel and half cheesecorn! I will definitely be back here next time I’m in Chicago!




Everyone in San Diego goes to 99 Ranch Market to buy the Asian essentials they need to fill their pantries. Whenever I’m in San Diego, my parents always make a trip here and sometimes I even buy a few things to bring back to Phoenix with me because even though there are Asian markets here, they are still far and few between. The variety isn’t really up to par yet either.

However, a competitor has now opened: the Zion market just across the street from 99 Ranch Market! Zion is Korean owned and operated so instead of the traditional Chinese food options, they have Korean ones. My sisters and I decided to stop here after church one day to get some Korean food that we’ve been craving. We shared a Bibimbap that was more than enough for the three of us. I also loved going to Zion because they had a Paris Baguette Bakery Café inside, which are everywhere in South Korea!


Take away sandwiches

Paris Baguette Bakery Café

I have a friend who used to live in San Diego who couldn’t stop talking about D Bar when I told her that I was going there for a visit. She absolutely loves it there so, of course, my sisters and I decided to go there for a late night snack and dessert one night. We tried making a reservation, but that didn’t work out so well because the table they say was reserved with us wasn’t cleared yet. Apparently the people just weren’t into leaving. Anyway, we ended up having to wait for quite a while, but did eventually get a table. Inside, we noticed that there seemed to be three areas to the restaurant: areas for drinks, dining, and desserts. This seemed appropriate since D Bar is known for not just their desserts, but drinks and dining as well!

We ended up ordering three things to share:

D.C.B.: Dates, Crue Fries, & Crispy Brussels
Southern Fried Belgian 2.0:  Fried chicken, Bacon & Maple Sugar Waffle, Tillamook cheddar, Honey Mustard, & Sweet Potato Fries
Cake & Shake: 3 layer chocolate cake, Madagascar Chocolate Frosting, & Vanilla shake

I especially though the D.C.B. platter was delicious because it allowed us to try three of their famous appetizers. The D Bar Dates part consisted of three local organic Medjool dates stuffed with Marcona Almonds, Manchego Cheese, and wrapped in Applewood Bacon. The Crue Fries are essentially garlic parmesan fries covered in mac sauce, melted cheddar jack, aws bacon, ranch dressing, and chives. But, the Crispy Brussels were my favorite! I loved how the flash fried brussel sprouts were served with a sriracha honey glaze, toasted hazelnuts, and a shaved brussel sprout salad. Yum, yum, yum!

D photo adventure:





During my trip to San Diego, I went downtown, downtown with my sister who works downtown. Then we met up at Papa Luna’s Empanadas for lunch. Located right across the street from her office, she’s been here a few times, and I’m glad she recommended this place because it was quite delicious! We got three empanadas, a classic caesar salad, and an Arnold Palmer style half iced tea half lemonade to share. It was more than enough food!

We decided on these three delicious empanadas:

Carne Molida: Lean Ground Beef, Green Olive, Hard-boiled Egg, Potato, Raisin
Empanada de Choclo: Sweet Corn, Cotija Cheese, Fire Roasted Peppers
Philly Cheesesteak: Sautéed Top Round, Cheddar, Grilled Onion

An empanada-style photo adventure:






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