Harry Birthday Baba!

Located inside the Wynn, SW Steakhouse is considered one of Las Vegas’ absolute best steakhouses and a must-visit if you’re a fan of steak. Since my dad most certainly is a fan of steak and his Las Vegas bucket list consisted of eating steak, we found SW Steakhouse for he and my mom to visit. It worked out because celebrated his birthday and the restaurant even brought out a little free birthday dessert for them at the end of their meal. They decided on the Chile Rubbed Double Rib Eye (which serves two). Just looking at the pictures tells me the food was pretty awesome, but my parents are pretty hard to please when it comes to fancy food so they just said that it was OK. Oh well …

A steakhouse in Las Vegas photo adventure:







One evening, my sisters and I ate at BLT Burger. Located inside The Mirage, BLT Burger was on the Food channel and even won a contest for having the best burger in Las Vegas. Its Route 80 Burger holds that honor. BLT Burger also offers delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic shakes. Since there were three of us, we each decided to order a different burger with a different shake so we could try as many options as possible. All I can say is yum! While the burgers were delicious, the shakes really stole the show here. Not only were the shakes huge, they had such awesome flavors! The definitely left full and satisfied!



Shakes (left to right): Nut Job, The All Nighter, Night Rider


Route 80

The Classic




Recently, I was at the airport because I was taking a quick flight to Las Vegas to meet my family. We were going there as an excuse to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday even though his birthday isn’t until later this month. While at the airport, I wanted to pick up a sandwich because I knew I was going to get hungry during my flight and didn’t want to buy food at LNV. Knowing PHX has lots of options, I decided to try Le Grande Orange (LGO)’s newer airport establishment.

After taking a while to soak in everything, I decided on the Avocado BLT. It was an awesome choice and I am so glad I decided to go with this delicious sandwich. I especially liked that it came in a handy to-go box so that I could easily bring it on the plane and eat it there, or if I had been so inclined, eaten it in the waiting area. The wait to get my food was a little long though. But all in all, I am very pleased with this LGO on the fly adventure. Perhaps next time I fly I’ll try something else.


Avocado BLT

american cupcakes

July 10, 2014

I was actually at Urban Cupcakes not that long ago, but visited again with some friends just the other day for the Fourth of July holiday! I was really excited to try their Cherry Cheesecake Americana cupcake because I love cherries and I love cheesecake! I especially thought the graham cracker crumbs were a perfect addition to the frosting because it gave the cupcake extra texture and, of course, reflects a cheesecake’s crust.

My friends ordered different cupcakes: two got Chocolate, 1 got the Americana Red White & Blue, and 1 got the German Chocolate (with coconut). I’m told there were all delicious! I can’t wait to see what the next holiday Urban Cupcakes decides to celebrate with specialty cupcakes!

Ready for the Fourth of July

So many cupcakes

Two chocolate, Cherry Cheesecake, Red White & Blue, German Chocolate



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