The Peabody Hotel is this super fancy place in Memphis that you can stay at if you’re willing to pay, I’m guessing, a pretty penny. Even still, there’s something available to everything even if you’re staying there: the viewing of the daily duck parade! A duck parade, you ask? Yes, a duck parade. Let me explain. So at 11 am every morning, a number of ducks start from their Peabody Hotel penthouse, go down the elevator, and then walk the red carpet to the large beautiful fountain in the Peabody Hotel lobby. There, they swim all day until they march back to their penthouse at 5 pm each evening. This tradition has been around for almost 90 years!

According to the Peabody Hotel website, here’s how the whole thing got started: “In 1933, Frank Schutt, General Manager of The Peabody, and a friend, Chip Barwick, returned from a weekend hunting trip in Arkansas. The men had a little too much Jack Daniel’s Tennessee sippin’ whiskey and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoys (it was legal then for hunters to use live decoys) in the beautiful Peabody fountain.” Now, there are 5 Mallard ducks instead of three English Call ducks, but the idea is the same.

You might be wondering how the ducks know where to walk. Well, that’s no problem because the Peabody Duckmaster is in charge or orchestrating the Peabody Duck March everyday!

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A ducky photo adventure:






Beale Street is where all the live music action is in Memphis. It’s also where we ended up walking around one evening in need of dinner. While pretty much every place boasts that they serve up the best Memphis-style BBQ along this street, decided to give Blues City Cafe a run for its advertising especially since it had live music starting right around the the time we were going to sit down and there was still seating left. Of course, I had to try the BBQ and let me tell you, it really was delicious. Granted, I’m not really a BBQ connoisseur or anything so I can’t really tell you the difference but for sure the meat was cooked for the right amount of time and the BBQ sauce had just the right amount of tang. Yummy!

Read about our other Memphis adventures: cafe-style soul fish • civil rights @ lorraine moteldejavu foodsb. b. king


Giant menu

Seafood Gumbo Cheese Fries

Half Rack BBQ Ribs

Live music



Read about our other Memphis adventures: cafe-style soul fish • civil rights @ lorraine moteldejavu foods


Last week my class read Dear Juno by Soyung Pak. In this book, Juno receives a letter from his grandmother who lives in a small town outside of Seoul. The problem is that Juno doesn’t know how to read Korean. Juno, however, is very intuitive and figures out, based on the artifacts that grandmother sends (a dried flower and a picture of her and a cat) that grandmother must be growing new flowers and has a new pet cat. When his mom finally gets a chance to read him the book, Juno finds out that he had guessed correctly. From then on, Juno and grandmother start communicating through pictures, drawings, and other artifacts that they can send through the mail.

In class, I decided to build on this idea. My class sent a package to Juno’s grandmother, too. We put artifacts that we find around school to represent different parts of our school day. The students each wrote about a sentence to explain each of the items and then we sealed it up to “send” to South Korea!


I like sight words because it helps me read books.

I like free choice because I play with bears.

I like reading groups because I like to read books.

I like math because I like numbers and math problem.

I like writing because I like to write stories. I like to write the letters.

I like SSR because I like reading by myself.


Last month, I had the chance to visit Minneapolis for a work conference, and since I arrived a few hours early, I had to visit Minneapolis’ most famous landmark: the Mall of America. The first for many years until the mall in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania beat it out, the Mall of America is enormous, complete with an indoor amusement park and many indoor attractions and stores. If you spent 10 minutes in every store, apparently it would take you 80 hours to get through the entire mall!

Of course, I only had a couple hours, so I only hit up the top “must-see” stores, including the giant Lego store. There were many life-size Lego statues throughout, in front of, and on top of the store. Take a look!

The store front – look at how big those structures are on top of the room, made entirely of Legos!

A Lego girl greeting me inside the store

The Lego Pick & Build Wall, with Legos of every imaginable size, shape and color

What a fun store – it was like Lego heaven! Stay tuned next month to hear about the Mall of America’s Peep store!


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