This past weekend was Bay to Breakers! Interestingly enough, this race is “an annual footrace operated by Wasserman Events and has run continuously for over 100 years as a staple to the City by the Bay. With a starting point near the San Francisco Bay, a few blocks from The Embarcadero, the 12K race runs west through the city and finishes at the Great Highway where breakers crash onto the Pacific Coast’s Ocean Beach. A quintessential San Francisco experience since 1912, the race is interwoven into the fabric of the city and is a true reflection and celebration of life between the breakers and the Bay.”

It’s so unqiue that this crazy race has been going on for more than 100 years! I have no idea if the runners and celebrators back then were as crazy back then but if you joined in this past Sunday, you sure get a sense of San Francisco at its very finest when it comes to creativity and openness. I mean, who doesn’t like wearing crazy costumes and prancing around all of San Francisco for an entire day. Besides, the cops appeared to be way more lenient this year, which led to more fun!

A bay-to-breakers photo adventure:

It’s been a food-filled past couple of days on this blog. Today I bring to you a food truck that sits right in the most touristy part of the City near Union Square and yet it’s nothing like you would expect from the tourist-crowded streets. Senor Sisig boasts the most unique Fusion Filipino food … so delicious! I recently got to try this place for the first time after staring at it every time I walk by it near Union Square and my favorite store, Uniqlo.

The people in the food truck recommended The “Señor” Sisig Burrito since it was my first time. It was so amazing! I got the tofu version even though I think most people get pork. I just loved how flavorful the tofu was, how garlicky the rice was, and just how nicely all the Filipino flavors came together in the ingenious creation that is a burrito. Oh I could eat so many more of these!

Senor Sisig food truck

The “Señor” Sisig Burrito with tofu

My sister currently lives in Philadelphia. I never got a chance to visit her there during this past year while she’s been living there, but a couple of years ago when I did visit Philadelphia, I got a chance to eat some delicious cheesesteaks. My other sister also got a chance to eat some cheesesteaks during her trip to Philadelphia a couple of years ago, too. Little did I know it, there’s a delicious cheesesteak place two blocks away from where I currently live in Lower Haight. Metro Caffe has both burgers and cheesesteaks, including a bunch of different varieties to their cheesesteaks. I tried the Hogie version because it came with mayo, tomato, and lettuce along with the grilled onions and sweet and hot peppers. The fries were average, but the cheesesteak itself was just delicious! Yum!


Proud of SF on the art wall

Hogie Cheesesteak


It’s a bit strange that since I’m Asian you’d think I would eat more Chinese food. I mean, I do know how to make a fair amount of different foods, and especially living in San Francisco you’d think I’d eat more Chinese food simply because I have access to it all the time. In fact, eating Chinese food is quite the rare event for me. Recently, I finally did get a chance to try Wonderland, which is only about 2 blocks from where I live. I had heard that this place is pretty good especially since they have many tofu and vegetarian options (including meatless chicken). I will say, the food here was quite good and considering it’s so close, if I were someone who ordered Chinese food more, I would definitely have this place on my short list of favorites!

Kung Pow Tofu

Salt and Pepper Meatless Chicken