As I mentioned last month, I had the chance in March to visit the Mall of America outside of Minneapolis, MN. One of the other specialty stores, besides the Lego store, was the giant Peep store! My visit was well timed, as it was right after Easter Sunday, which is often the time people eat these sugar coated marshmallow Peep treats, so the store was fully decked out.


The Peep storefront. I can’t imagine a kid would be able to walk by this store without wanting to go inside!


A colorful Peep display! And Peep-themed paraphernalia of all sorts. My favorite are definitely the Peep shaped giant stuffed animals – both bunny and chick shaped.

To be honest, Peeps aren’t my favorite and I almost never eat them, but this Peep-themed store was definitely worth looking at!

After snacking it up over at Causwells, I was walking along in the Marina District when I saw Over the Moon Ice Cream & Cookies and just knew that I had to stop in for some ice cream! According to their website, Over the Moon is “a San Francisco creamery with a retro bent. Serving up house made ice cream, plain frozen yogurt, and, fresh baked cookies inspired by Grandma Millie.” The Australian man behind the counter let everyone try as many flavors as they wanted before making a decision. I know I got Honey Lavender (because that’s become one of my favorites now), but I honestly can’t remember what the other flavor on my cone was! It’s shocking, I know! Anyway, no matter what the flavor was, it was just delicious!


Ice cream cones!

I’m usually traveling on the weekends, but recently I was actually in the City and didn’t know what to do with myself because it happens so infrequently. I decided on visiting the Marina district, which I’ve been to before, but wanted to see some of the food options in the area. On Yelp, I found Causwells. A friend of mine had mentioned this place to me before and suggested that I try their version of the Deviled Eggs. Since I happened to have arrived at a strange afternoon time, I got seated right away and didn’t need a reservation. The fact that they serve a very concise mid day menu also helped me out because decision-making is difficult and with the shortened menu, there just weren’t that many things to weed out!

In the end, I decided on trying the Deviled Eggs, which come with smoked trout on top, and the Salad. Both were quite delicious and I’m glad I decided on eating at this place even though there are just so many food options in the Marina district!


Deviled Eggs


[good reads] france

May 22, 2016


goodreads-franceI’ve just finished my Iceland book by Lonely Planet. I’m not just going to Iceland this summer though. In fact, I’m actually going to be spending most of my time in France. Lonely Planet’s France book is at least double the thickness of their Iceland book. I supposed this makes sense since France is way larger than the tiny island country of Iceland. Either way, I’ve just started on the France book and I’m just so in love with the idea of visiting this country. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long before visiting Europe! It’s too bad my high school French isn’t more fresh in my memory though since I really only remember 3 sentences: Hello, My name is Allisence, and I’m sorry. Nevertheless, even a month is not nearly enough time to see all of France so the hardest part will be deciding where to spend my time!

Randomly driving back from the Sacramento area to San Francisco, we passed through Folsom and were quite hungry so we decided to look for a place on Yelp. In the end, we decided on Mylapore, which serves up South Indian vegetarian food. I was quite excited for this place because it had decent reviews on Yelp and it was actually quite filled with Indians when we arrived. I knew right away that I wanted the Paratha and Vegetable Khorma. We ordered right away and my friend’s food came out almost instantaneously. My food, on the other hand, didn’t come out for another 20 minutes, which meant we essentially took turns eating! I was super disappointed with the way the food came out even though the food itself was quite delicious. It just goes to show how service is so important in a restaurant setting.


Thali Meal

Paratha and Vegetable Khorma


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