Denver’s Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is a towering part of the city’s skyline though not exactly located where all the rest of the tall buildings are. My sister and I visited this beautiful church twice. The first day, we noticed that there were tons of people inside and couldn’t really figure out what was going on, perhaps some kind of special event so after hanging around the outside for a few pictures, we decided to postpone our look around inside. The next day, we went back and saw the inside of this beautiful Basilica. In order for a church or cathedral to be named a basilica, it has go through a whole vetting process and be officially recognized by the Vatican. This building is totally worthy of the designation considering the shear amount of stained glass, its vaulted ceilings, and the detail in the stone work. What a sight!

I am very glad we went back and tried to open the door of the empty Cathedral the second day. Otherwise, we would have been been able to see the inside of this Denver mother church.










Our first meal in Denver was around brunch. My sister and I both love eating brunch so of course we wanted to find a delicious brunch place to start off our day of exploring Downtown Denver. We ended up at Sassafras American Eatery, which turned out to be a great choice. The Southern-inspired cooking offered a wide variety of breakfast options for us to choose from. We ended up ordering two things: a Chocolate Dipped Bacon Milkshake and the Special for the Day. First of all, the milkshake was so yummy, so chocolatey, and yet with a hint of bacon all at the same time. The Special was a Southwestern-style benedict with chicken and a fried green tomato on top. The sauce was a little bit spicy, which blended all the flavors together nicely. What a great start to our Denver adventure!


Wall decor

Table decor with jams

Special of the Day

Chocolate Dipped Bacon Milkshake

Bathroom decor

I know it’s a bit late in the season though for sure the slopes are still open! But I’m actually finally starting to write about a trip to Colorado, Denver that my sister and I took over the Martin Luther King Jr. long weekend … I’m so behind, I know, but there’s just so much to share about everywhere I go, and I’ve been so blessed to have been able to travel more recently, it’s quite exciting.

Anyway, the main reason we decided to go to Colorado in the middle of January is to go snowboarding/skiing. I snowboarded while my sister skied. We decided on Loveland because we got a good deal on a Denver-Loveland shuttle and lift tickets. Besides, Loveland is relatively close to Denver, which means we could maximize our ski day since we decided only on riding one day and spending the rest of the long weekend exploring Denver. Loveland was certainly a dream. Even though I haven’t ridden in awhile, the powdery white slopes were just perfect. Even though it was quite windy going up the scary lifts that didn’t have overhead bars that came down as you rode up and I was definitely holding on extra tight, the weather while heading down was perfect. My iphone pics do the slopes no justice at all!

Base camp


More lifts, which actually never got super crowded, thank goodness.

Headed down

Taking in the view

Isn’t snow beautiful?





Today is a very special day at my school. Some special days are good and some special days are bad. At this point I am still unsure as to if today will be a good or a bad special day. Today, Diane Douglas, Arizona’s new State Superintendent of Public Instruction is visiting my school. In fact, she’s going to be at my school at 1 pm and she’s going to make some kind of speech. There’s going to be camera crews and the link; and all of us (teachers and students) are going to be props for her to look good during her speech. Perhaps my previous statement makes you think that I don’t like Ms. Douglas very much. Well, to be honest, I didn’t vote in our last election so I don’t have any right to say much. All I have to say is that I do believe that adoption of the Common Core standards was a correct decision on the part of Arizona, but Ms. Douglas is not a fan of Common Core. Let’s just say the vast majority of teachers at my school do not exactly feel honored that she “chose” our school for this “special honor”. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes today!


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