Recently, you might have heard of a Willy Wonka-esque, every child’s dream place: The Museum of Ice Cream. I found out about the museum about a month ago and at the time, there were still tickets left so I made sure to snag a few for when I returned to New York City. Now, it’s completely sold out and there are 70,000+ people on the waitlist. I went last week and wanted to share a little about my experience.


When you first walk in, you get to try some ice cream from whichever ice cream shop is sampling the week that you go. I got to try the taro ice cream from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. It was really tasty; I’ve been to the actual ice cream shop and I highly recommend it.


The entire museum is covered in ice cream related art pieces by various artists. The whole museum is very pink and pastel colored. It’s all very picturesque, but so much so that it really feels like it’s all for the purpose of sharing it on social media. I read a post about how the founders understood “their target audience: millennials who need to prove to the rest of social media that they were out somewhere doing something really fun.” This is so smart, but makes me so sad.


Anyways, the next room you enter, you receive a helium-filled sugar balloon. You’re supposed to suck it to eat it, but mine deflated all over the stick and I didn’t really get a chance to taste much of it or inhale any helium at all.


Afterwards, you get a short “lesson” on the history of ice cream and then you pick up a scooper and plop a scoop of ice cream into a large bowl creating the biggest ice cream sundae ever made. In reality, the “ice cream” is actually an oreo-filling type of concoction.


Then, you enter a chocolate room where you can pick up some chocolate and there’s chocolate graphics dripping down the sides of the room. This room was rather unimpressive and too dark to really take any good photos. Afterwards, you enter the most famous room from this museum: the pool of sprinkles. Each group of guests gets around 3 minutes in the pool and sprinkles get everywhere. This was pretty disappointing as it was incredibly rushed. but at least you get to grab some candy out of several candy jars at the end.


The best part of the museum was the next room where you took a “miracle berry” pill which turns sour things sweet! You receive an ice cream cone with a lemon slice on top and you could eat the lemon with no problem, it was so, so sweet. This was a cool experience. The soft serve ice cream was nice and refreshing and quite pretty.


You end the museum experience with an ice cream sandwich swing and an ice cream scooper see-saw. Overall, the experience is interesting, but very overhyped and not really worth the price. I’d say the whole experience felt very rushed, but I’m still glad it was something I got to attend!

I got some of the quotes from here.

There are just so many different places to eat in San Francisco that there’s no way to ever try them all. There’s one in the Inner Sunset (south of Golden Gate Park) that I’d been hearing about. I’d heard that they serve the most delicious Dry Fried Chicken. Since I didn’t and still don’t understand what Dry Fry really is, I was quite confused, but wanted to try this place out.

I was expecting San Tung to be a more modern restaurant, but this was just a regular Chinese restaurant that was out of control packed. At least the line wasn’t long when we got there though so we only had to wait a few minutes before getting seated at a large round table with another group (to share the table). Once we got our food, I was immediately blown away by the delicious sauce on our Dry Rub Chicken Wings and Fish Fillets. It was so delicious! I wonder if I can figure out how to make this sweet sticky sauce myself!


Hot & Sour Soup

Dry Rub Fish Fillets (left) and Dry Rub Chicken Wings

{sf} emanuel’s coffee

August 29, 2016

El Salvador is known for its papusas and since there’s quite a large Salvadorean population in San Francisco, there are quite a few places to get these delicious street food treats. When my sister was in town, she and I grabbed breakfast over at Emanuel Coffee, which serves up delicious papusas. I didn’t know this place was so close to where I live until we got there but I sure am glad it is! We decided to share two papusas: the Pollo y Queso (Chicken and Cheese) and Super Green (kale, spinach, zucchini, collard greens and cheese). Both were quite good, but I think the chicken one just had more flavor. For $3.00 and $3.50 each, what a delicious meal!


Giant iced coffee


[good reads] the bfg

August 28, 2016


goodreads-thebfgLike the rest of the country, I recently decided that I really needed to read The BFG by Roald Dahl because the movie came out and I didn’t want to see the movie before I read the book! Unlike the rest of the world though, I had never read The BFG before. I’ve read a couple of Dahl’s other books like James and the Giant Peach, but for some reason never got around to this one. I figured I was in for an easy read and I was right, though I’ll be honest, when the Big Friendly Giant talks, you really have to slow down your reading roll in order to understand what he’s saying. According to the story, giants don’t go to school so they don’t know how to speak properly. Dahl does an amazing job making sure the reader can understand what the giants are saying even though so many of the words they say are wrong and the grammar is all over the place. It’s really quite interesting. In fact, the entire story is quite interesting and I just loved reading this book. I missed out on such a gem as a child … good thing this movie made me read it now!

{sf} oysters on mission

August 27, 2016

Recently, I was with some friends who really (randomly) wanted oysters for lunch. We Yelped it and since we happened to be going through the Mission at the time, we decided to give Mission Street Oyster Bar Seafood Restaurant a try. On the weekend, they have oyster happy hour and you can get $2.00 all day long. Since there were five different oysters being feature that day, we (four of us) each tried two of each. It’s always such a great treat to have some cold oysters slide down your throat on a hot summer day! We also tried the crab sandwich, which was the special for the day. The sandwich came with a cup of clam chowder, which I was very unimpressed with, but the sandwich itself had so many large chunks of crab … yum!


Happy Hour Oysters

Oysters on a bed of ice

Crab sandwich with clam chowder


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