{sf} thoroughly bred bread

December 10, 2016

Since moving to the Duboce Triangle neighborhood in San Francisco, I haven’t spent much time exploring my new surroundings and all the perks that come with living here. I do pretty regularly walk by this bread and pastry shop with a very clever name though and finally decided to stop in the other day. Thorough Bread and Pastry may just sound like a cleverly-named cafe with fresh-baked foods and coffee drinks, but I was thoroughly impressed when I got my order. I was just passing by so I wasn’t going to buy an entire sit down coffee drink and pastry. Instead, I decided on a mushroom and onion turnover, which they heated up for me. I was entirely surprised by how delicious the turnover turned out to be. I can’t imagine how much butter went into making just this one turnover (I actually saw them making more in the back) but oh my goodness all those calories were worth it because the thing was so flaky and delicious. I have seriously never tasted anything like it before. Hopefully this turnover speaks for the rest of the products this place produces, too, because I may have to stop in here more often!






This post is a little late. Things have been super crazy at school as of late (this past week) and I realized that I hadn’t been taking a lot of pictures. I usually try and take a fair amount of pictures because I always make an end-of-the-year video for our end-of-the-year celebration. I did scroll through my pictures and see a few from our most recent art class though. I realize I talk about art class a lot here, but my students really do love this class and I wish we could have it every week! This past week they were given oil pastels and stencils to rub. Then the art teacher gave them watercolors to paint over their oil pastel stenciled designs. The result was pretty awesome and, of course, my students are always very creative!




{harbin} lots of steps

December 7, 2016


To see various tourist attractions in Harbin, we climbed a lot of steps.




Of course, what goes up, must come down. There were also lots of steps down.


Even though San Francisco is a very small city (geographically speaking), it’s actually filled with many parks and green spaces. Of course there’s the giant Golden Gate Park, which takes up an immense amount of space in the central western part of the city, but there are smaller, but just as beautiful spots of green all over the City as well. One of these is Buena Vista Park, which is located right by my apartment. The other day, I went on a stroll/hike though Buena Vista Park. I call it a stroll because once you’re in the park it’s a nice walk. I call it a hike because getting up to the park itself is a hike! From my apartment, I have to climb up, up, and up to get to the park, which happens to be located on a giant hill! The hill is so high that in fact the MUNI train tunnels through it instead of going around or on it. In any case, I had a lovely time and sure do love my city hikes with vistas buenas!

A Buena Vista photo adventure: