goodreads-perfectmatchI’m not usually a romance reader. In fact, I generally avoid that section of the library altogether because I feel like it’s kind of weird and creepy. Somehow I still ended up with this romance book – Perfect Match by Fern Michaels – because I was walking by the library’s newly acquired section and saw it. After reading the jacket sleeve, I decided that the book was worth a try since it was mainly about an ex-athlete who after an accident had kind of given up on life. Really it’s not even that much of a romance as much as a person finding himself again after losing the one thing in his life that he thought defined him. There are even scarier portions of the book when this ex-athlete’s sister starts getting stalked by a creepy man who had once posed as a client of her online dating website. In fact, I was say that almost the entire book is about the characters in this book really finding themselves and, in the meantime, they kind of all fall in love. My favorite character in this book is actually not one of the main characters at all. He is a man is loosely connected to the ex-athlete’s sister and her guitar-playing boyfriend. He is one character who really discovers what it means to have a family by the end of the book realizing that family doesn’t always mean blood.


On the way back from Flagstaff, we also stopped at Montezuma Well, located not too far away from its more famous sibling Montezuma Castle. I’ve been to Montezuma Well before, but this time, I had more time there so I got to walk farther down and explore more of the cave-like dwellings next to the well itself. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but I did enjoy the end of the path that led to a small running stream and a beautiful white tree. It was definitely much cooler and very enjoyable though I probably wouldn’t drive all the way up to Rim Rock just to see this well!

A well photo adventure:










Every year at the end of the school year (on the second to last day of school), my class always has a huge celebration. We invite family members as well as important people in our lives at school to join in on the celebration. This year we had introductions, a discussion with graphs of all the growth the students made, awards, diplomas during the graduation ceremony, time to share cake and portfolios, and even a video. I make the video every year using pictures that I’ve taken all year long. I love making the video and watching it because it reminds me of all the good times. I think the parents (and kids) love watching it, too! This celebration was a little bit sad at the end because I announced to the families that I would not be returning next year. I feel they have a right to know especially since so many of the kids have been with me for so long. Let’s just say it was quite emotional. Some of the parents did say amazingly nice things though, and I will never forget them!

Recess to get the energy out

Graduation pic with cake


Card from a parent of student I’ve had for 3 years


Have you ever wondered, what’s the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day? Aren’t they kind of redundant? Both holidays honor those who sacrificed themselves to preserve the freedoms all Americans enjoy. Memorial Day remembers those who made the ultimate sacrifice, gave their lives. Veterans Day honors all who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Memorial Day – also, the unofficial start of summer activities.

The weekend horticulturists and self-anointed green thumbs, just can’t wait to get started in transforming that backyard.


Of course, gift wrapped with all that green, are red eyes and sneezing of hay fever allergy.


If you live in the cold-weather states, time to open up that pool. You only have until Labor Day to enjoy it.


It’s also time to start planning that summer vacation.


Or that summer camp, to get the kids out of the house, so you can have some peace and quiet, and rest for a couple of weeks.


Sports fans, better enjoy those basketball and hockey playoffs. Soon, there will only be baseball left. Yes, it’s America’s pastime and all that. But, when there is only baseball for 3 long months, it tends to get really stale. The San Diego sports fans deserve much ridicule for their apathy and just being lackadaisical. However, consider the monotonous offering, we have to give the surfer dudes a pass for the summer months.


Is there any holiday that is not a car sales day?


Oh well, or you can just relax on your day off, and get charged up until the next holiday.



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