Last week was week one of school. Let’s just say it was a tough week. Since I teach a self-contained, special day class for students in kindergarten through second grade, I have many returning students this year as well as some new ones. My returning students surprised me. I thought that a switch in rooms would really throw them off. In fact, they were actually able to adjust quite quickly and were physically ready for learning again (even if their brains were still a bit summer-y).

My new students, on the other hand, were quite the other story. These new kindergarten babies all went to preschool, but clearly were not ready for the big transition to big kid kindergarten. It doesn’t help that many of them are extremely young for their grade. In fact, one of them is still four years old! This means we’ve been practicing routines and procedures like nobody’s business and it’s just so boring I’m about to lose my mind … but for sure I’d rather practice them now in order to maximize our learning time the rest of the school year.

To help with learning rules and expectations, we read the book David Goes to School by David Shannon. They loved this book and so do I. In fact, I made them all student copies and they “read” them everyday during independent reading time. It’s actually pretty cute … until they start whining and crying again … ug.

Week one bulletin board


One of my good friends worked at SeaWorld last summer and so at the end of the year, I purchased a discount season pass from her for 2016, and I have found myself at the park on average about once a month this year.

This summer, they had some special “Summer Vibes” performances, one of which was the “Gazillion Bubble Show,” To be honest, the description made it sound kind of lame, but I was actually really impressed. Take a look!

Can you see the bubbles INSIDE the bubble? The performer also reached in and took the inside bubbles back out. This was just one of his tricks.

A bubble table!

The grand finale – a gazillion bubbles, as the show is aptly named! It was so cool!

I’m not sure if I would pay big bucks to see this, but for a free show included in my season ticket, I was definitely pleased!

As a side note, I’m headed to Philadelphia to start graduate school next week, so this will be my last post from San Diego for awhile; but don’t worry, you have exciting posts from Philly to look forward to!

Avila Beach is quite near San Luis Obispo. During our time in the area, my parents and I thought that we could do some wine tasting. The Central Coast is supposed to have lots of that kind of stuff. Since it was already a bit late in the day, we didn’t have that many options. In the end, we decided to drive over to Avila Beach and try Morovino Winery‘s $10 tasting. I vaguely recognized Morovino’s label with its colorful bird and was excited to try some of what they had to offer. We got to try a total of five wines: their 2013 Pinot Grigio, 2013 Cosa Dolce (Riesling), 2012 Sangiovese, 2012 Pinot Noir, the 2012 Dolcetto, and the Teroso (Quattro). I’m not exactly sure which one was my favorite, but I do remember the Teroso (Quattro) was deliciously chocolatey and had amazing raspberry notes that I could actually taste. What a great way to end the tasting!


So much information about these wines!



When in San Luis Obispo, eat Old San Luis-style BBQ – makes sense, right?

Well, when my parents and I were visiting San Luis Obispo we thought this made a lot of sense so we decided to give this well-known SLO eatery a try. It actually took us a few minutes to find this place because we saw the sign and then didn’t realize that the order window was actually on the outside of the building. There are a few seats inside but most people, I guess, sit outside to enjoy the nice weather and delicious BBQ. I think what makes Old San Luis BBQ Co. stand out is its BBQ sauce. Personally, I thought it was quite tasty though I’m sure someone who is more BBQ-literate might not agree with me. I guess you’ll have to try this place out for yourself next time you happen to be in SLO!


Order window

Tri-tip Salad

Pit Plate: Tri-tip

Tri-tip sandwich

San Luis Obispo has a Museum of Art in its main square that’s in fact listed as one of the must-see places in SLO. For some reason I got the opening and closing hours of this place mixed up and we walked in about 20 minutes before closing. This meant there really wasn’t really that much time at all to see all the art in this place. This wasn’t too difficult since the place is relatively hard but I was a bit sad that I didn’t have time to see some of the tree truck paintings in detail. Those were definitely my favorite!

An artistic whirlwind photo adventure:







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