This weekend was Pride. Pride is a huge deal in San Francisco. Yesterday was the big Pride parade that went all the way down Market street. I wasn’t originally planning on going, but ended up walking through and hanging out for a little bit. It’s always fun to see an entire community pulling together in support of some another. It’s neat to see so many companies and groups come out and support love for all. Even my school district, SFUSD was a part of the parade!

A prideful daytime photo adventure:


The Year of the Flood is the second book in Margaret Atwood’s trilogy that started with Oryx and Crake. The interesting thing about Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood is that the two books are actually happening simultaneously. From what I understand, the two story lines (which are already somewhat connected( become one and the same in the last book: MaddAddam.

Most of this book is told in flashback (similar to Oryx and Crake). At first, it’s difficult to know what kind of situation the two main characters: Toby and Ren, are in, but soon you realize that it is much later. The dystopian society that Atwood has created is already at a horrible state (as it was in the first book), but the reader learns about the God’s Gardeners religious group. They certainly are a strange group, but when an entire society is falling apart and practically resorting to cannibalism, can you really blame them? At least they value the Earth, education, and community. At the story goes on, you realize more and more of the connections between the God’s Gardeners and the characters in the first book. I wonder how they will come together in the last book!

During the summer, I teach summer school. I go wherever my students are assigned, which  means we are at different locations each summer and never at our own school! This might be a struggle, but it does give me an opportunity to explore new schools and neighborhoods more thoroughly. This summer, I’ve been working in the Mission. Of course I’ve always loved the Mission, but I’ve been able to visit some local shops, like Sofia Cafe, which is known for their Argentinian-style empanadas. Walking in, I really wanted to try their mushroom one, but that was the only one they were out of so I ended up ordering a cheese and onion one and a chicken one. Both were quite good though a bit dry, unlike the empanadas I had in Argentina, which were not dry! At least the flavors were lovely!


Local decor


Chicken filling

I recently decided to finally re-start exploring the city that I live in since that idea had dropped to the wayside during the extremely busy school year. I’ve been trying to explore some small shops in various neighborhoods that I happen to be visiting for some reason to another. Recently, I was in the Nob Hill area looking for a particular bake shop. It so happened that I cam by too late and they were already sold out for the day! It’s a good thing that then I ran into Batter Bakery. There, I was able to get my sugar fix no problem! They sell all kinds of baked goods (both sweet and savory) as well as coffee drinks. After much debate, I decided on a Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookie, which totaled $3.78 after tax. Thinking about that price, it appears to be a lot, but then I think about where I live and the price of everything else and decide it’s actually pretty reasonable. Plus, the cookie was huge!


Counter for ordering


Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookie – $3.78 after tax