{iceland} ring road day 7

February 25, 2017

This seventh day in Iceland was magical. It started magically because the sixth day almost never ended. We spent the night in a converted van right on the Eyjafjördur Fjord just north of Akureyri and saw the setting and simultaneous rising of the midnight sun. It was so magical! This one was definitely a bucket list winner!

Leaving Akureyri, we stopped in Hofsós, which is famous for its geothermal pools and spent some time enjoying the waters there before driving though horse country. Multiple times we stopped along the road to get up close with these Icelandic beauties. Then we spent the afternoon hiking the Koluglijufur Gorge in Vídidalsvehur, which was exceptionally beautiful. It was neat to see just how deep the river had carved into the rocks here and while maybe not as impressive as some of the gorges in France or the Grand Canyon, it was almost a different type of awe because you could still see the rushing water from the cliff tops.

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The seventh Icelandic photo adventure:











The sixth and final great African American mind (under the theme Black Minds Matter) my class studied was President Barack Obama. The students enjoyed learning about him since most of them had actually heard his name before. It was related to their lives, even if ever so slightly. It’s always neat to see how students are able to draw portraits of others because it shows how they see that person. Of course we’ve been talking about skin color this entire month so  you can see that nobody colored in Obama’s face purple, thank goodness. Beyond that though, there’s tons of variation, which is always neat to observe!

Obama portraits

{philadelphia} amish doughnuts

February 22, 2017


A couple weekends ago, a college friend visited me in Philadelphia, so I took it as an opportunity to do some touristy exploring. Of course, one of our first stops was Reading Terminal Market, an indoor Farmer’s Market that opened in 1892, where you can find produce, meats, prepared foods, housewares, and area specialties.

Although I had been to Reading Terminal before, my previous visit was on a Sunday, where many shops were closed. Upon further investigation, it looked like all of the shops with Amish owners are closed on Sunday, which makes sense, given that Sunday is occupied by going to church!

I’m glad I went on a Saturday this time, because I needed to try the Amish-owned Beiler’s doughnuts. The line for Beiler’s snaked around half of the Market and although it moves quickly, we probably waited close to half an hour to buy these tasty pastries.

A baker rolling out the raw dough and cutting out doughnut shapes

Another worker icing the freshly baked hot doughnuts

The finished doughnuts – don’t they just look delicious?

The doughnuts were delicious, but to be honest, I’m not sure I would wait in that line again – next time, I’ll have to visit on a weekday, when I’m sure I could be in and out and still have my fill of delicious doughnuts!


{iceland} ring road day 6

February 21, 2017

Husavik and Akureyri are probably the most populated cities in northern Iceland. In fact, Akureyri is so large (by Icelandic standards) that it’s considered the northern capital. This means nothing because it’s really still just a tiny town, but anyway. The first half of the day we spent in Husavik in hopes of spotting some whales off the northern coast of Iceland. Of course this didn’t happen, but I ended up finding some beautiful wildflowers and snow-capped mountains instead, which made the drive up totally worth it.

In Akureyri, we got a bit of a respite from all the traveling and driving and had a chance to walk around this northern capital city, taking in the beautiful flowers in the Akureyri Botanical Garden, sipping Icelandic coffee and crumbly pastries, and taking fun pictures with giant troll statues. Many Icelandic people believe in folklore that incorporates trolls, elves, and other magical creatures that inhabit this magical land.

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The sixth Icelandic photo adventure: