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February 22, 2018

We have finally come to the end of our African American Heritage Month unit. Throughout the unit, I wanted the students to learn about five important traits: determination, tolerance, appreciation, friendship, and equality. We learned about these by reading various books.

To learn about determination, we read Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman. Even though her classmates didn’t think she could be Peter Pan, Grace was determined to try her best.

To learn about tolerance, we read The Colors of Us by Karen Katz. The characters in the book learned about different skin colors and how they can all be so beautiful in their own way.

To learn about appreciation, we read Something Beautiful by Sharon Dennis Wyeth. The young girl in the book learned that there is always something beautiful and that if something is not beautiful, she has the power to change it.

To learn about friendship, we read Jamaica’s Find by Juanita Havill. In the book, Jamaica found a stuffed dog and learned that making a new friend was more important than keeping something that wasn’t hers.

To learn about equality, we read Martin’s Big Words by Doreen Rappaport. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used his words to fight for all people’s equality.


winter olympic snafu

February 21, 2018

Think you need to travel to PyeongChang, South Korea, to take in the 2018 Winter Olympics? No… it’s happening at your local P.F. Chang. It’s on the TV news, surely, it’s got to be true.

Since the Winter Olympics is broadcasted by NBC. I have a sneaky suspicion, ABC is just trying to confuse and steer audiences away from NBC.

NBC’s Katie Couric thinks the Dutch are such good ice skaters because it’s an important mode of transportation for traveling around the frozen canals of Amsterdam. Wow, the secret is out for the Netherlands’ Olympic success. That face of the NBC Winter Olympics broadcast, is not exactly the brightest bulb.

Speaking of NBC’s dim bulb, one analyst was fired for “insensitive” remarks about Korean history with Japan. If you are going to be an “analyst,” maybe you should do your homework. Read up on the brutal Japanese occupation of Korea before WWII, before blabbering on to insult an entire country, or two countries – counting North Korea and South Korea.

Lost in translation? That Google Translate from Norwegian to Korean, needs just a bit of adjustment. Norwegian Olympic team accidentally ordered 15,000 eggs (it was meant to be a 1,500 eggs order). What’s an additional zero? Well…it’s about 137 eggs per Norwegian athlete. Maybe that’s Norway’s secret to their success at winter Olympics!

St. Giles, located right in Edinburgh’s Old Town, is the heart of the Scottish Reformation. Famous minister John Knox served here from 1559 to 1572. While the bulk of the original architecture is from the 15th century, much of it was restored in the 19th century so most of it doesn’t look that old, albeit still quite old.

While in Edinburgh, visiting this cathedral caused me a lot of angst because I wasn’t in town for that many days. In fact, I only had time to walk around Edinburgh for a full day before heading off into the Highlands. Of course it just so happens that St. Giles Cathedral was closed that day! This meant that I delayed heading to Wales an entire half day (after the Highlands) so that I could make sure to have time to see the inside of this magnificent cathedral! Of course the stained glass windows were amazing. The vaulted ceilings were also spectacular. Really, I just love the feeling that these old cathedrals give me … stonework so beautiful it’s beyond my meager words!

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A Scottish photo adventure:

{scotland} holyrood views

February 19, 2018

Holyrood happens to be the Queen’s official Scottish residence. It’s on the eastern side of Edinburgh and even though the Queen didn’t happen to be visiting when I was there, it was still fun to see her Scottish palace through the iron gates.

Beyond the royal residence, there’s also a huge park that makes up the Holyrood area. Edinburgh gets quite cold in the winter and climbing all the way up the hill in the center of Holyrood Park to Arthur’s Seat can be quite treacherous. In fact, I watched people that were not prepared for the snow and ice slip down to their own dismay. Despite the cold and ice, I did manage to make it to the top and was rewarded with a great view of the city including Edinburgh Castle, located about a mile away. I just love urban hiking!

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Scotland – edinburgh, the old cityall things national museum

A Scottish photo adventure:

I really like visiting museums when I am traveling because they give visitors so much more relevant information about a city and country. When I was in Edinburgh, Scotland, I made sure to make time to visit the National Museum of Scotland. This museum happens to be free, which made it that much more valuable because I got a chance to learn more about Scotland without having to pay a fee for it! It was wicked neat to learn about some of its history and culture as well as what the geographical area that makes up Scotland used to be like millions of years ago. I would definitely recommend visiting this museum when if you’re ever in Edinburgh!

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Scotland – edinburgh, the old city

A Scottish photo adventure: