Happy Lunar New Year!

I have learned that when you actually cross the Golden Gate Bridge and keep heading north (instead of turning right back around because that was the goal of the tourist attraction), you enter Marin County. There are a bunch of smaller towns in the area that are all generally referred to as Marin because the places are just too small to name by name all the time. I was headed to Marin recently with a friend to visit an outdoor recreation store because they were having a big sale. Since it was brunch time, well, that made it the perfect opportunity to look up some brunch places on Yelp to visit. We decided on Kitchen Sunnyside located in Mill Valley.

Kitchen Sunnyside is located in Mill Valley’s town center area. We lucked out and didn’t have to wait too long especially since we agreed to be seated at the bar located around their open kitchen. Open kitchens are always nice because they created a centerpiece for conversation and you can spend time guessing if they’re working on your food yet. We tried the XXX and XXX. Both were incredibly delicious and I’m so glad we ended up at Kitchen Sunnyside! Any place that serves eggs benedict with perfectly poached eggs is an A+ on my list!


Bay Hash – hash browns topped with eggs scrambled w/ bacon, shrimp, Dungeness crab, garlic, scallion, cherry pepper. Finished w/ scampi shrimp, smoked salmon & parmesan

Hemingway Benedict – smoked salmon, spinach, caper, cucumber wasabi hollandaise

I’ve always thought that one of the best and most unique places to eat in the Valley of the Sun is Chino Bandido, which, no, is not just a restaurant where a bunch of Mexicans decided to cook up Chinese food. I’ve definitely visited Chino Bandido many times before, but decided to go again during a recent trip to Phoenix. And just like I remember … it was sooooo delicious! I mean, who ever thought that mixing Mexican and Chinese cuisine would be so delicious? I would have never imagined, but the owners and creators of this place are geniuses. That’s all I have to say!

A Chinese Mexican photo adventure:




{phx} ohso

February 6, 2016

During a recent visit to Phoenix, I met up with some friends at OHSO. I had never visited this place before even though I know it’s quite popular. I know a teacher who lives near the North Phoenix one and frequents it. Anyway, I met up with some friends at OHSO for a late afternoon get-together. We shared some beers and appetizers, which were all quite delicious. I can definitely see how this is a place to meet up for Happy Hour, on the weekends to watch the game, or for a girls or guys night. It gives off that vibe!


Food to share

Some more food to share





This week is the start of African American History month. At my school, we have a culminating African American Heritage Celebration. In class, we started our American American heritage unit by reading Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman. In class, we used this book to learn about main character, setting, sequencing story events to retell the story, and then drew portraits of Grace. It was neat for the students to draw portraits of Grace because they had to notice Grace’s skin color as they chose crayons to use. They also wrote reasons on why they thought Grace was amazing. I just love this book!

Portraits of Grace

A week of Amazing Grace work


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