{sf} japanese nara

May 22, 2018

Nara is located so close to me but I seriously had no idea it existed until a couple of weeks ago when I went for dinner with a friend. We were looking for a sushi place that wasn’t the place we always go to in Lower Haight. The usual place is greater but we were just looking for something new!

There is a serious plethora of sushi places in the area, but I thought Nara stood out because aside from all the regular stuff, they had some other interesting Japanese-inspired dishes like a pot pie and Japanese nachos. Yum!

A Japanese-style photo adventure:


There’s been an invasion in San Francisco as of late. Well, it’s been a few months now but anyway, if you’re walking around the City, you’ll notice random scooters littering the sidewalks. While, yes, some of them are standing upright, many of them are also laying down on the ground having been blown over by the wind or just left laying down by non-caring riders. You might wonder why there are so many scooters laying around San Francisco. Well, it’s all an effort by (two) companies to use creative methods to increase ride sharing in the City. Creative, yes, but also quite illegal. So a few months ago when trucks came around at night and first dropped these scooters off, there were so many scooters everywhere (that you can rent for cheap using an app), but the City now cites people for riding on the sidewalk and making illegal turns on the scooters, etc. Since it’s also illegal to just leave scooters on the sidewalk, the City has also just started rounding some of them up. I’m not sure what they do with them though. There are middle schoolers at the school I teach at that have also figured out way to essentially steal the scooters, too. What a scooter invasion this continues to be!

Lime scooters

Bird scooters

Today is Bay to Breakers, which one of the most ridiculous events in San Francisco. While there are some serious runners, most of the people participating are dressed in crazy costumes, have been drinking and/or smoking all day, and are just out to have (perhaps a little too much) fun. I’m lucky to live near the Bay to Breakers run route (which goes from the SF Bay downtown all the day to the ocean), which means I can enjoy seeing many of the fabulous costumes without going too far from home.

Another thing I’ve recently been able to enjoy is frozen custard. Newly opened in Lower Haight, FK Frozen Custard now has a storefront location. From what I understand, they used to only be a truck. Now, I’m so close to creamy frozen custard just a few blocks from where I live. How lucky am I?!?


Single scoop of coffee

{sf} where yaks dance

May 19, 2018

The Dancing Yak (very north end of the Mission headed into whatever neighborhood is north of the Mission) opened earlier this month. Lucky for those of us in San Francisco, they had a soft opening for a few weeks before their grand opening. Soft openings are always exciting to me because I feel like I am a part of something greater (like helping this restaurant set up) even though anyone is invited.

Anyway, I was a part of a big group that visited The Danckng Yak to try its Himalayan/Nepalese food during the soft opening phase. The group had mixed reviews. Certainly the staff was very nice. The samosas and other appetizers were delicious. Some of the curries were very good while others were a bit basic. Most were very soupy, which begs the question is this how Himalayan curry is supposed to be? I’ve just not been exposed enough to know for sure. Free dessert of milk popsicles were yummy! Too bad they had such amp incredibly difficult time with figuring out their payment system, which put a weird damper on the end of the night. Overall though I’m sure after that they were quite ready for their grand opening!

A dancing photo adventure: