Before arriving in Sacramento, I had heard that Magpie Cafe was a topnotch place to visit and that its breakfast/brunch menu was certainly something to look forward to. Hearing this, of course, I had an effort to stop by Magpie for brunch one morning.

With so many options, it was hard to decide what I wanted to try here, but in the end decided on the Chilaquiles Verdes and the Spring Skillet, both of which happened to be advertised on their hipster chalkboard just beyond their large outside porch seating area. While the Spring Skillet looked quite delicious with its colorful vegetables and poached eggs on top, I felt like the flavors were a bit lacking. The Chilaquiles Verdes, on the other hand, were bursting with flavor and definitely the highlight of this Magpie Cafe food adventure. Yum!


So many options

Spring Skillet

Chilaquiles Verdes

[good reads] 1984

June 25, 2017

Have you ever gone back and read books that you know are book but in the end don’t really remember that well? I recently decided to go back and Read George Orwell’s 1984. The last time I read this book I was in high school and I remember reading it during sophomore English class. It’s a fairly dense book and considering the monologue that it essentially is, it can be a bit difficult to follow if you’re not reading the book wholeheartedly (for example, for class assignments).

The entire book is a bit scary to read especially when you think about the fact that Orwell wrote this book in the 1940s describing the 1980s and even though it’s true that the world in 1984 didn’t look, sound, or smell like Orwell’s “negative utopia”, there are times in society today when it seems that Orwell’s 1984 world perhaps isn’t all that far away. One of the most interesting concepts that the book talks about is that with Newspeak (the language that eventually everyone in Oceania will speak), one of the goals is to limit vocabulary and language. The Party is convinced that if people no longer have the words to describe certain concepts and ideas, then those concepts and ideas essentially disappear. It’s a scary thought!

While in Sacramento, I happened upon an incredibly random coffee place called Rosested. The entrance was in a random alleyway and it was also in the back of a thrift store/second hand store, which is neat, but, again, very random. This coffee place is very close to Bacon + Butter so while I was waiting to be seated for breakfast here, the woman who runs this coffee place came by with free samples of their coffee. She also mentioned so look for the new rose mural. Well, it was enough of a draw that I decided to try the place out, and I’m glad I did. Walking in I noticed that a very local musician was playing live music in the corner and the woman who walked around with the coffee samples was clearly mentoring a younger woman on the art of being a barista. It was actually a really neat place to visit, besides, what a clever name they have!


Second hand thrift store decoration


I went on a 5-stop Northern California brewery tour.
Stop 1: Berryessa (technically in Winters, Calif.)
Stop 2: Big Stump Brew Co.
Stop 3: Bike Dog Brewing Co.
Stop 4: Track 7 Brewing Company

Device Brewing Company is a small batch craft brewery in Sacramento’s (more) east side. It was also the last brewery I visited during my 5-stop Sacramento-area brewery tour. I’m glad I saved this one for last because they had so many interesting brews on tap including a double IPA, a triple IPA, a Russian Imperial Stout, and a barley wine! Wow! Of course I enjoyed the Russian Imperial Stout because stouts are my absolute favorite, but even the triple IPA went down easy and the barley wine, that thing was just delicious! What a fun place to visit!

The brewery menu

The tasting flight