The eats in Penang are amazing. This is where people go to eat some real Malaysian street food and this is probably the best place I ate in all of Malaysia. The prices were so low and the food so delicious and abundant that I just couldn’t help myself from eating a bit too much! Take a food adventure with me as I reminisce and my taste buds water!

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Indian Samosas – Deliciously fried with savory filling

Indian Samosas – Onions and peppers and such

Indian Samosa – This one was filled with egg!

Naan – Indian fried bread-ish


Cendol – Made with coconut milk, rice flour jelly with green food coloring, shaved ice, palm sugar

Dry noodles

Freshly-pressed pineapple juice!

Seafood noodle soup


A few months ago, I went with my mom to see an Ikebana Flower Show happening in Balboa Park. Ikebana is a Japanese floral arrangement art form and technique that has been practiced for more than 600 years, promoting the principles of tranquility and friendship through flowers. Take a look at some of the arrangements!


We were able to catch one of several live demonstrations at the show.


The very large arrangement made from branches, arranged by the Grand Master of the Ohara Ikebana Society of San Diego, Akiko Bourland.


It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this is a collection of very small arrangements, made by Ken Fernandes. Each of these dishes was around the size of a thimble!


I had never heard of Ikebana floral arrangements before! Although I was not particularly impressed with some of the arrangements, there were some that were very pretty. Here is one of the many arrangements from around the room.

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{penang} jetty village

July 26, 2016

There are six, formerly seven prior to a fire, clan jetties on Penang’s water edge. These jetties, more like villages, are named after various Chinese settlements and clans (families) who have a history of bitter fights. The clan jetties sprang up after the major port in Penang was created and people wanted to live near the port where they worked. They’re iconic with homes held above the water on tall stilts and wooden plank walkways. I visited the Chew Jetty, which is by far the most tourist family. There are many little shops along the main walkway as well as what are clearly still homes. It was so interesting to walk along the wooden walkways above the water and imagine what it would have been/how it is now to live here, but of course, only if you’re in the right clan … and since my last name doesn’t fit any of them, I would for sure not be welcome!

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A jetty photo adventure:










While in Penang, my friend who is Malaysian and has spent a lot of time in the city of George Town brought me to a café-esque place called China House. This place is a little bit hidden though I think if you go through the other entrance it’s not as hard to find though no less confusing. We came here for a snack and found the largest assortment of cakes and pies that I’ve ever seen! There were just so many different options I could hardly make a choice! I mean, I have a hard enough time making a decision when there are 5 options let alone 50!

Cakes aren’t the only thing this place has though. China House is actually a compound consisting of three buildings linked by an open air courtyard. According to their website, it comprises 14 spaces including shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries, live museum, and a bakery. So of course they bake all those cakes and pies in house!

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A hidden photo adventure:








goodreads-shortdropLast week I read a book that’s very unlike me. In fact, I was a little bit worried about starting it because I don’t like thrillers … they scare me! Perhaps my imagination is a bit too intense, but I always feel like when I’m reading a good book, that I become a part of it and then even when it’s over or I turn the page, it’s still happening.

Anyway, I was recommended The Short Drop by Matthew Fitzsimmons. Since I was on a really long plane ride, I decided to read it because otherwise the plane ride was looking to be extra boring! At first, this book has a lot of characters so it’s a bit slower going in the beginning to get everyone straight as you’re introduced to each individual. Then, as you start to realize how everyone is connected, it becomes easier because the story definitely speeds way up! For sure this is one of those thrillers because there are individuals after other individuals though not necessarily super gruesome. I would definitely recommend reading this book even if it’s a bit outside your regular radar! Besides, you want to find out that happens to each of the strange characters that don’t seem all that connected in the beginning, don’t you?


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