Earlier this week, my class went on a great field trip. This is one I had never done before and it actually turned out really well! We went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The first part of the “tour” was a lesson in the gallery where we looked at various paintings. Then we back into the classroom and they made their own versions of what they saw. Their art pieces actually turned out really well. I was impressed!

Gallery talk

Look at those colors!

So many art pieces to look at!

Student A

Student B

Student C

Student D


You have a bucket already, why get another container for soda? That restaurant management may not agree.

On the other hand, maybe he just want his fried chicken marinated with soft drink. That appears to be a clear drink. From KFC’s website, their clear drink is Sierra Mist. Just call it misty fried chicken. He is just making a customer suggestion, to the management!

Wait! That’s not actually a KFC, but some burger place??

That looks like a Burger King or maybe McDonald’s poster. However, both of those serve Coca Cola, not Pepsi. Supposedly, these restaurants serve Pepsi. None has a burger poster like that.

Maybe it’s the old defunct Gino’s – a fast food joint that combines KFC with a burger place.

In any case, this is a guy filling up his KFC bucket with soda, at another burger joint? That restaurant management may not quite see it as genius.

Although from the fuzzy letters on wall sign, this may not be in U.S. Maybe there, it’s customary to use KFC bucket for soda. Maybe there, it already offers “Misty Fried Chicken.” Maybe there, they don’t wear any fast food chain uniform, he is just a restaurant worker flushing out the soda machine. Nice try, but busted!

Who knew that picture offers so much information and intrigue?

After 2.5 years in San Francisco, I finally made it down to San Jose for an evening. This was mainly to go see some public art in front of City Hall, but it just so happens that we found the most delicious place to eat at, too! While the name Good Karma is a bit silly (or at least I think so) the fact that they serve extremely good-tasting craft beers and yummy vegetarian/vegan food options made it great. While there, I finally got a chance to try Founder’s Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS). CBS is aged in barrels that were used to age whiskey that had previous to that been used to age maple syrup! Yum!

Some of the foods were tried including the mushroom bao (bun) and jackfruit tacos were amazing. The fake chicken drumsticks, which actually looked pretty good, just had that super soy taste, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Nonetheless, I would totally come back here again!



Mushroom Bao (Bun)

Jackfruit tacos

Fake chicken drumsticks

Bar Crudo is one of those places that’s been staring at me for like two years now! I live just down the street from it and it’s supposed to be this famous amazing place, which is possibly true since there’s always a line outside for dinner. The line outside is a hard tell though because this is San Francisco and there are lines outside even not-so-great places; there’s just so many people who live in this tiny city.

In any case, Bar Crudo opens at 5 pm and they have Happy Hour at that time. They used to have $1 oysters, which are no longer $1, but still a very good deal at $1.50 each. They have other delicious options, too, and you can order from their regular menu during Happy Hour as well. All in all, it was such a delicious meal I am so glad I went and had this seafood dinner at 5 pm in order to not have to wait outside for a very long time!

Delicious choices

Painting on wall

Happy Hour Seafood Chowder

Happy Hour $1.50 oysters

Happy Hour Tacos

San Sebastian (not Happy Hour menu)

Ever since getting my kindle, I’ve had the option to read both some very good classics that I’ve been waiting to read, but also a bunch of fun books that I would never, ever buy in the store. One of these was Are You There Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea. by Chelsea Handler. As it turns out, she’s a fairly funny lady and has written a couple of books that I recently read during my flights to and from Europe. Her first book was My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands. This one is quite short, but is a collection of essays about a number of men that she’s been with. Many of these one-night stands actually led to more long-term relationships, but the scenarios that lead to them are always pretty hilarious. I mean, if you chose to live so ridiculously and have such a funny set of parents (a European mother and a Jewish father who resells used cars), it’s a good thing to have an amazing sense of humor about it!