{phx} hello phx

May 21, 2009

A phx newbie, I’m constantly bewildered by the heat, crazy monsoons and society’s constant reliance on air conditioning. Having moved here less than a year ago in a situation where I thought I’d only be here 10 weeks, this extended adventure has been quite the trip. (Probably it would have been smarter to start something like this earlier, but late is better than never … I think.)

Flying into this ginormous metropolis, it’s hard not to notice just how huge it is — talk about urban sprawl. This place may not be NYC or even Boston where I grew up, but it certainly has its perks … I’ll share them as I find them.

hello_phxA View of Tempe and phx from ASU’s A-mountain.


3 Responses to “{phx} hello phx”

  1. Yang said

    oh my goodness; why did you create another blog!? come visit tian and wei in MI next week

  2. allisence said

    i’m not going to use the other one anymore, so just look at this one. and i can’t just up and leave to visit the three of you, you guys should come visit me!

  3. The bester sis in the world! said

    this is very intresting…….
    though i didnt read it cause i wanted 2 send u a commenty thing it seemed very fun!
    ill read it rite now though…..
    hmmmmm intresting
    well written
    adjectives r wonderful
    ur hired!
    the pic is kool 2!
    <3, the best sis eva!

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