{phx} stories from the #7 part 1

May 23, 2009

When I first moved to phx, I didn’t have a car. That fact hasn’t changed … ha. But I have moved a couple of times since then so my travel routine is a bit different now. When I first got here though, I lived about 5 miles north of downtown phx where I worked. I took the #7 (called the #7 because it goes north-south on 7th Street) bus pretty much everywhere. Much of my day was spent waiting for the bus, riding the bus, walking to and from the bus stop. Nowadays, I still do take the bus, but mix it up some with the lightrail (more about that later).

The #7 went through some not-so-nice phx neighborhoods and it was always an opportunity to meet interesting people. And through these oh-so-wonderful experiences, I was able to gather a number of interesting stories! Here’s the first of many:

“I’m a conservative and I’m proud.”
There was a guy on the bus who was being a bully. Saying there were too many people with wheelchairs using the bus system, getting into spats with other riders about how he’s a tax payer so he should get a seat and not have to get up when women get on the bus. “I’m a conservative and I’m proud,” he repeated over and over again. He almost got into a fight with one of those men in a wheelchair. Other riders on the bus started yelling at him, the guy in the wheelchair tried defending himself but it didn’t work so well. And, of course, I happened to be standing right next to both of them. Finally, when we rounded the corner into downtown, the bus driver calls over a police man from a construction site who pulls the man off the bus and they get into a fight on the street as the bus pulls away … who knows what happened after that.


3 Responses to “{phx} stories from the #7 part 1”

  1. a little confused! said

    well im a little confused
    i thought sonservative was like i save stuff like ur conservative if u save ur used bottles or something…..
    dont u like my name 2day??????????
    well intresting story did that get in the paper?
    love, ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jacob said

    you almost got sucked into the fight!! that could have been scary o_o

  3. allisence said

    you can also be politically conservative. though the dood was kind of crazy so i don’t know what he was talking about. no, it didnt get in the paper. it was from the bus i rode!


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