{phx} stories from the #7 part 2

May 24, 2009

The #7 not only goes through some not-so-nice parts of phx, it also passes by a number of interesting establishments. I met an ex-patron of one of these establishments one day on the bus.

Topless bars and rehab
Everyday I ride the number 7 with ear buds pushed into my ears and the volume cranked up high, but not too high. If I get a seat, I sit. And one such morning, I was sitting next to a window when a man probably in his 50s sits down next to me. He starts talking, and talking, and talking. I try to ignore him and push the ear buds in a little further, but he continues so I have no choice but to engage in conversation. We pass by one of 7th Street’s finer topless bars and he asks me if I’ve ever visited it before. I tell him no. He says he has and never wants to go back again. He tells me he used to be a drug addict, an alcoholic and that he’s clean now. He tells me he likes his women. He tells me he’s good at saving money and his exact address. He got off at the stop I was supposed to get off so I stay on for one extra. He was on his way to rehab.


4 Responses to “{phx} stories from the #7 part 2”

  1. "sanjie" said

    Ohhh. Hi Dajie. What a “randid” story… that’s just awkward.

    Cool blog! Even though I’m sure your xanga is crying a little bit right now cuz you abandoned it =( Haha jk!

  2. someone who DOESNT talk 2 strangers said

    havent u learned not 2 talk 2 strangers?
    not good
    bad girl
    bad very bad very bad
    My health class would have dissaprovved of u talking to that person because we learned about alcoholics and ppl like tht
    bad girl
    but i still love you!

  3. Jacob said

    hey i use to pass by that establishment too every day i went to school!

  4. allisence said

    that’s … creepy

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