{phx} stories from the #7 part 3

May 25, 2009

Once you ride the same bus long enough, you’ll start recognizing some of the regulars. They may not be that interesting at first, but they’re always there.

Man in black
There’s a guy I often see who works at UNOs. I’ve never actually talked to him before but he dresses in all black, dons designer-looking sunglasses and a man purse. He usually goes in for the lunch shift and goes home after the dinner shift is over. In other words, he and I get on and at the same stop almost every day!

Rolling something dood
If you give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s simply rolling his own cigarettes. If you think worse of him, he’s smoking weed. Whatever he’s doing, he’s another #7 regular who rides the bus northbound some nights. He has a couple of gold teeth and wears large golden hoop earrings — one on each ear. He’s asked me every time I see him at the same exact stop if the #7 stops at this stop. I tell him yes. Maybe he doesn’t remember because he has a bad memory and it doesn’t hurt to make sure — or maybe he’s always high.

Mister chivalry
Its often customary for a man to give up his seat on the bus to a woman, but even this act of kindness can be taken too far. This one #7 rider wanted so much to meet bus-riding women (I guess) that right before a stop, he moves to a seat in the front where a woman who enters the bus would likely want to sit. He then offers the seat to such woman when she enters the doors. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat …


4 Responses to “{phx} stories from the #7 part 3”

  1. thinking............ said

    hmmmmmmmm well my opinions:
    Man in Black- hes the best outta the 3 seems ok actually
    Rolling Something Dood- dont like him do not interact with him he seems scary and just plain scary and freaky
    Mister chivalry- not that i would know what tht means….
    ur description of him confuses my tiny brain

    intresting ppl……………..


  2. allisence said

    like gentleman-ly, but WAY over the top and for ridiculous reasons.

  3. G said

    rolling something dood…easy to tell, just sniff him.

  4. Jacob said

    some ppl can learn from the chivalry dood

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