{prescott} into the woods

May 26, 2009

This past Memorial Day long weekend (which wasn’t really a long weekend because I worked) was GABC’s church family retreat up in Prescott, Ariz. Once again, (just like Tucson and Phoenix which aren’t pronounced how they’re spelled) I’m tolded Prescott is supposed to be pronounced “press-kit”. This state is strange.

ANYWAYS … Prescott is WAY more north than phx and has WAY higher elevation so it was cool, even chilly at night. But more importantly, instead of an abundance of prickly cactus, there were pine trees everywhere.

into_the_woods1So many pine trees make it shady and perfect.

One of two lakes in the area. (Maybe they’re twins?)

into_the_woods3One Prescott activity was playing paintball. Here are the survivors.

into_the_woods4People and trees always go together.

into_the_woods5Trees — phx makes me appreciate trees!

Newly found: phx perk: it’s not so far from other climate types
An hour and a half away and you’re in a real evergreen forest!


5 Responses to “{prescott} into the woods”

  1. hw time! said

    hmmmmmmmm…………………………the pictures of nature r all very pretty…………….
    i like the lake its like a cool blue…….
    did u swim?
    did u get bitten?
    how long were u there?
    did u have fun?
    love, ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

  2. allisence said

    yes, it was quite fun. no, i didn’t swim! why would i get bitten?

  3. G said

    i wonder why the forefathers of phx built the city where it is now, instead of up north where prescott, flagstaff, or even payson sits. phoenicians would be much happier with the trees and cooler weather.

    great shot of the lake…kinda looks like a river.

  4. Jacob said

    is that lake me or mirror?

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