{prescott} there are mountains

May 27, 2009

I’ve lived in Quito. The entire city sits in a valley with mountains all around. Sometime those mountains are so close you feel like you can touch them, and yet the city is still huge. Here, I often forget phx sits in a similar situation, though a much bigger valley. The mountains are not so close, but oddly enough, there are mini peaks right in the middle of the city!

You can even hike phx’s seven summits. No, none of them are Mt. Everest but they’re still quite the hike.

Newly found: phx perk: city mountains
This means hiking is always close by!

there_are_mountainsCamelback Mountain, right smack in the middle of phx.


7 Responses to “{prescott} there are mountains”

  1. Jacob said

    when are we going to go hiking?!

  2. G said

    interesting that your able to make a post everyday..that is have something to say about something.
    i’m still looking forward to hike camelback…one of these days…probably when it gets cooler again.

  3. allisence said

    let’s go hike camelback!!!

  4. cant think of a new name! said

    im tired just reading about it
    haha im such a lazybum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think thts kinda cool
    do the buses go ova mountains?

    • allisence said

      yea, in quito, the school i went to was in another valley so we had to go up a mountain then down the other side!

  5. jason said

    you cried the first time i took you there and went hiking because we climbed up something too high. now you’re going solo?

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