{phx} water in the desert?

May 28, 2009

I know! I was surprised, too! Before I got here, phx was pretty much equal to the Saharan Desert. When the wind blew, dust would swirl — there were constant sand storms that covered everything in a layer of muck. Water was extremely rare.

Since then I’ve realized this place can pass for any other city. There are water fountains. The roads are paved with asphalt and the sidewalks are built from concrete. People don’t walk around with their faces covered at all times and kids do play outside.

Desert question:
Does every desert-born kid know not to touch cactus because they were pricked once? Because when I was little, touching the trees that lined the sidewalks was just a part of childhood curiosity.

Newly found: phx perk: desert landscaping
Because it is the desert, many people have cactus and rocks in their yards instead of grass and maple trees — all this meaning less wasted water!

water_in_the_desertTempe town lake — one in a chain of resevoirs bringing water to phx from the Colorado River.

water_in_the_desert1A trickle of water at Montezuma’s Castle — the sign said “river”.




5 Responses to “{phx} water in the desert?”

  1. G said

    not sure bout the touching cactus thing…wasn’t born in the desert, but just by looking at it you can tell its sharp and pointy.
    montezuma’s castle’s river…i believe the sign said “river” coz it used to be one back-in-the-day when the people used to live there. now its a creek for tourist.

  2. Jacob said

    i never touched a cactus. i think my parents told me not to. other kids prolly learn the hard way.

  3. allisence said

    i’d be so curious. and don’t kids usually not listen to their parents??

  4. just drew a dragon! said

    i just drew a dragon for hw!!!!!!!!!!
    isnt tht awesome?
    dajie……….did u ever learn about the Saharan desert in social studies because i can assure u its nothin like the saharan desert
    u know the saharan desert was used for trade??????
    hows work? i dont like hw do u like hw?
    i like shoes!!!!!!!!!! i need more shoes
    <3, junier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • allisence said

      how was i supposed to know? i never learned about the saharan desert before!! why do you need more shoes? O_o

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