{waddell} white tank what?

May 30, 2009

I was tricked. Online, there were pictures of White Tank Mountain Regional Park and there were evergreen trees there — evergreen trees and a river leading to a mini waterfall. One of the trails is even named Waterfall Trail. And I thought, wow, less than an hour away from phx and there are evergreen trees and waterfalls? How amazing.

Driving there (or rather, riding there, since I don’t have a car) all my hopes of seeing a drastic climate change were dashed to pieces. Not only were there no evergreens, there were no trees at all, only cactus in a very barren land. And we found out there is only a mini waterfall after a monsoon — so no real water at all. I was so disappointed.

There were a few dirty pools of shallow water though and you could climb into the where the waterfall would be — interesting perspective, but still disappointing.

Desert question: Why is this place called “White Tank”? I just don’t get it.

2009.04.18 014 White Tank MountainView up from the mini pools of water.


3 Responses to “{waddell} white tank what?”

  1. G said

    Answer: (c/p from wiki) The mountain range was formed through tectonic activities as part of a detachment fault sometime in the mid Tertiary period, about 30 million years ago.[1] As a fairly young (in geologic terms) mountain range it has not been subject to the forces of erosion for long and retains an extremely rugged topography composed of rocky fault ridges and deep canyons. During seasonal heavy rainfall, accumulated water tends to rush rapidly through the steep canyons, over time scouring out a number of depressions or “tanks” in the white granite near the base of the mountains. These white “tanks” are the source of the mountains’ name.[3]

    And the whole trip wasn’t a lost. Had awesome ice cream afterwards!

  2. i like elephants! said

    it looks kinda dry…………………………
    was it in phx?
    ur description suggested a pretty green place………..

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