{scottsdale} it’s cowboy town

May 31, 2009

Sometimes it’s nice to pretend to be a tourist. And since I live in phx, two of my friends and I decided to be tourists in Scottsdale — the fancy city next door. All I know about the place is that it’s known for fancy golf courses and conventions and Old Town where it’s set up like the old southwest. It’s also where all the young people hang out because of all the bars and nightclubs — weird mix.

2009.05.30 045 ScottsdaleThis is the HUGE cowboy welcoming us to Old Town Scottsdale.

2009.05.30 030 ScottsdaleI’m sitting in a bell. Carson is being kicked by a huge boot.

4 Responses to “{scottsdale} it’s cowboy town”

  1. very tired! said

    i like the bell!
    did u like Scottsdale?
    the cowboy is intresting…….
    when did u go?

  2. Jacob said

    hey, i think i know that cowboy!

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