{scottsdale} one fancy resort town

June 3, 2009

I was right when I went into Scottsdale knowing the place was fancy. Welcome to the city hall/library/green space/other fancy stuff Civic Center. It’s where all the sculptures were, too.

Desert question:
Why is this place called the Civic Center Mall when it’s not a mall? Are they just trying to copy the Washington Monument Mall idea?

These man-made lakes in the Civic Center were ginormous!

Even the library was one fancy place.


4 Responses to “{scottsdale} one fancy resort town”

  1. G said

    why is the bell tower called the bell tower??? to confuse tourists like us.

  2. idgi said

    the lakes seem pretty!
    could u swim in them?
    i could live there!

  3. Jacob said

    i dont think its deep enough to swim in!

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