{phx} ice and desert just don’t mix

June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Mamie!

So I’m not really a fan of hockey, probably never watched a match straight through, didn’t even know there were 3 periods in a game until recently. The sport does look more interesting to watch than baseball (and I have gone to one Red Sox game), but, eh, oh well. What I also find interesting is the fact that phx has its very own hockey team.

In my head it makes sense for northern states and Canada to have hockey teams because the weather seems to better support their existence. The Bruins, for example, thrive pretty well during New England’s bleak winter months. But why Coyotes in phx (actually Glendale)? In fact, the news is that the Coyotes may not be in this desert much longer. Was it ever really a question if the desert could support a sport that plays on an element that melts in about 0.01 seconds here? I’m not sure.

Maybe the Coyotes should head to cooler weather. That’s what I’m going to do for the 10 days — indulge in lower temperatures albiet a couple of notches more humid.

Bostonian adventures here I come! Woohoo!
(Thank you furloughs, not.)

10 Responses to “{phx} ice and desert just don’t mix”

  1. Jacob said

    what!? the coyotes might be leaving?? =(

  2. G said

    well, i’m thankful for furloughs…I get to travel and not waste vacation days.

  3. "sanjie" said

    how sad. they’re leaving. maybe they’ll have ice to play on now.

  4. (sigh) said

    I WANNA GO TO A RED SOX GAME! this is not fair (pout, whimper, cry)
    there gonna go? i dont get it im confused

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