{phx} USO is not UFO

June 17, 2009

Apparently USOs are not the same things as UFOs — they’re United Service Organizations, not Unidentifiable Flying Objects. Who knew? Anyways, apparently there are certain perks for being military personnel (um, not that I’m one). When traveling with Continental Airlines, they get to check 3 bags each up to 70 lbs. each, even on personal travel. It’s craziness. And then they get to visit these cool USO places in the airports. And since on the way back to phx from Boston I traveled with such a military personnel person, I was able to visit Logan International Airport’s USO. It was very exciting!

2009.06.16 003 USO
Random stuff next to a very large TV and military newspapers.

2009.06.16 006 USO
How fancy!

And now it’s back to exploring phx.


6 Responses to “{phx} USO is not UFO”

  1. Jacob said

    so now that you have experienced a USO, have you seen a UFO? o_o

  2. oolab face O_o said

    i wanna c a UFO
    im confused……
    wat is a USO?
    u used 2 many big vocab words!

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