{phx} sad state of the park

June 19, 2009

Before this whole budget deficit thing hit phx, you used to be able to go to all these phx parks for free and use the sports facilities to … well, play sports. On any given Friday night one such park — Encanto — was packed. There were families with kids, middle school-aged kids, high schoolers and beyond. People played basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, etc. It was a blast.

But then the recession decided to hit and everything changed. Ok, really, it’s not the recession’s fault. It’s phx’s budget deficit. So, all of a sudden phx decided to be in a budget deficit and the government needed to drag in more money from somewhere so they started charging and the place is now practically empty.

Granted a year-long pass for use of sports facilities such as the one at Encanto Park is only $5. But that’s $5 more out of people’s pockets. And I’ll bet you there’s some kid that used to go to Encanto on Friday/Saturday nights that’s now roaming the streets and getting into drugs. And now there are rumors the price is going up to $10 a quarter?!?!?

You’d think when times get hard, the city would be investing in keeping places like these free. But phx has decided the opposite … sad.


8 Responses to “{phx} sad state of the park”

  1. G said

    people will just go to another park where they don’t charge.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! said


  3. Jacob said

    they are raising prices?!? but what if you already have one for the year??

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