{phx} sleeping fortune cookies

June 22, 2009

I think fortune cookies represent a lot of Chinese who grow up in the U.S. — we look Chinese on the outside but in reality are not Chinese at all. This is especially true in phx where many Chinese families have already been here for many generations. The kids speak only English. To be honest, I never met so many Chinese people (and Asians in general) who speak absolutely no Asian language at all. It’s really quite the culture shock because practically every Asian I knew growing up around my age was first generation born in the U.S. who spoke Chinese (or another Asian language) at home. I’m thankful for being a part of two cultures — it’s twice the crazy.

And speaking of fortune cookies, I saw this one the other day.

Simply hilarious!


5 Responses to “{phx} sleeping fortune cookies”

  1. Jacob said

    wake up!, i want my fortune!!

  2. G said

    being from the bay area, it is interesting to see chinese that can’t understand chinese (in phx). not just the kids, but the parents as well. i need to move.

  3. me like colors! said

    was tht ur fortune?
    can i have it?

  4. "sanjie" said

    what an inTRESting fortune. haha, the fortune making people must get very bored and have to find some small way to amuse themselves sometimes…

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