{phx} ice cream is everywhere here

June 23, 2009

Temps are going to hover around 106° all week! And it seems that because it’s ridiculously hot here in the desert, it’s OK to constantly crave sweet frozen deserts like ice cream, smoothies, frozen yogurt … I’ve never seen to many gelato places in one city! Actually, I didn’t even know gelato was such a big deal until arriving in phx.

But back to what’s more important here — a recent ice cream trip landed us at Mary Coyle, in existence for over 50 years and home of ice cream made the old-fashioned way. And the best part? Waffle cones and regular cones are the same price! So why would anyone order a regular cone? I don’t get it!


2009.05.31 001 Mary Coyle'sEspresso ice cream sitting in a waffle cone sitting in a glass.

2009.05.31 002 Mary Coyle's
Seems pink is a big old-fashioned-ice cream parlor trend.

9 Responses to “{phx} ice cream is everywhere here”

  1. G said

    1st off: icecream is good anytime..not just when its hot…even when its 60 degrees outside with windchill making it feel like 40. and 1 scoop costs only a dollar 50.

    2ndly: i’m sorry, mary coyle is overrated. my new fav spot is sugar bowl.

  2. Jacob said

    have you ever had gelato in a waffle cone? i have not. i always get in a bowl.


    u just made me crave ice cream REALLY BADLY!
    not nice!
    can u bring some home for me?

  4. Mama said

    Ice cream is yummy. I wish I can eat everyday, but I can’t.

  5. "sanjie" said

    Hellooooo dajie!

    I wish there were so many ice cream places here (though 106 degrees doesn’t sound fun). I went to Ben&Jerry’s tonight, but I’ve always one of those quaint parlors like in Arthur!

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