{mesa} eggy goodness

June 28, 2009

Since my time in phx, I haven’t heard much about Mesa, but one thing I know is that it has quite a breakfast/brunch place at the southwest corner of Route 60 and Alma School. T.C. Eggington’s is rather interesting. It’s set up, I think, kind of like a huge chicken coop. There are little egg icons and chicken pictures everywhere and if you can’t eat eggs, this probably isn’t the place for you. Personally, I love eggs — scrambled or half-runny ones are the best.

Look at that crazy-looking menu!

2009.06.24 004 TC Eggington
The “Eggs Ben E. Dict” was great minus an ugly tomato and too-salty ham.

2 Responses to “{mesa} eggy goodness”

  1. i thought it would make my mouth water.... said

    well the thing is tht ben e dict thing looked so runny and ………intresting………
    WAS IT SHAPED LIKE AN EGG?????????????????????

  2. Jacob said

    eggs over-easy on toast is the best!

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