{phx} baking in the desert

July 1, 2009

When we were little and it was summer time, my dad was always against baking things because it turning on the oven heated up the house too much and wasted too much electricity. Thinking about that now, it makes me wonder if people in phx bake less because it would require the air conditioning to work harder to cool the house down. Or maybe because the air conditioning is working so hard anyway and because it’s too hot to do anything outside, people end up baking more. Or maybe it really doesn’t matter and nobody else really thinks turning the oven on during the summer is a big deal at all. I tried baking some stuff the other day but I couldn’t tell if it made the air conditioning work harder because my roommate keeps the temperature too low anyway. Hmm …

Mini berry cream cake ingredients.


5 Responses to “{phx} baking in the desert”

  1. Jacob said

    some ppl think of that stuff. and its the same for laundry. they do it in the morning or night, but not usually in the middle of the day.

  2. BLOOD! said

    isnt my name wonderful?
    hey dajie tht seems like someting strange i would spend all day thinking about then asking baba about it and not rly getting an answer………….

  3. Ba said

    hmmm, that is one thrifty dad you got; or maybe he just never got what he likes from that oven, like cookies !!! :o)

  4. G said

    i baked 2 nites ago and once i opened the oven and all that heat came out, the a/c kicked on. got me thinking, did it kick on coz the oven made the house so hot? or coincidence?
    i bake w/o thinking coz i need food!

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