{mesa} not so chinatown

July 10, 2009

What else is in Mesa? Meekong Plaza. I think this place is supposed to be the Valley’s version of Chinatown. Frankly, it’s not very Chinatown-like — too clean and too empty. Granted, it debuted at a bad time (during this recession) but most of the store fronts are still empty and the place is pretty desolate, except maybe the Asian market. It’s sad.

Pretending to be grand.

Look! It’s the magic monkey: Song Wukong.


2 Responses to “{mesa} not so chinatown”

  1. G said

    i dont think its meant to be called a “chinatown” as its mostly owned and runned by vietnamese.

  2. omg that is so wrong! said

    THAT CANNOY EVEN BE CLOSE 2 CHINATOWN! the lettering on the “wannabe” chinatown thing is 2 neat
    it looks 2 neat and the little lion status are pearly white and EVERTHING IS 2 GOOD 2 B CHINATOWN!
    i mean i guess if u compared 2 the boston chinatown!

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