{mesa} dinosaurs + outer space

July 13, 2009

I’m not sure why the Arizona Museum of Natural History decided to locate itself in Mesa (of all cities) but it works well. The place is just one block north of Mesa’s quaint mini downtown and a decent size though there were only two main exhibits: Mars and dinosaurs.

Many of the interactive Mars parts were broken which was a disappointment, but the rest of the stuff was on loan from Arizona State University and definitely authentic. The dinosaurs were set up in a round about sort of circular exhibit on multiple levels that was confusing to navigate but was interesting to see nonetheless. Though, I’m pretty sure all dinosaur exhibits are pretty much the same no matter what museum you’re at. The coolest part was probably when the main set up created a flash flood situation with lots of rushing water and a fake lightening and thunder storm.

Other smaller exhibits included on about the Hohokam people and ancient Mexican cultures.

Dinosaur fossils — not sure if it was real though.

A living dinosaur! OK, not really, just something related to the dinosaurs.

Mars exhibit wasn’t as interesting.


6 Responses to “{mesa} dinosaurs + outer space”

  1. G said

    its on loan from ASU???
    theres a dinosaur/geology exhibit thing at ASU. all free, but closed during summer break. 😦

  2. just a little sad said

    HI DAJIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like the fish looking thing!
    the Sorrento Valley Middle School in San Diego which is the MS i will most likely go 2 has the 7th grade go 2 a trip in Arizona and one of the many places we visit is the Arizona State University!
    isnt tht koo?

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