{phx} vampires and werewolves and creepers, oh my!

July 15, 2009

The new Harry Potter movie came out today. Exciting, yes, but what’s really all a buzz nowadays is this Twilight series. It’s become quite the phenomenon. Bella, the girl in the book, loves the sun, though oddly enough she’s paler than pale. I’m guessing the author wrote it that way because the author is from the phx area, too!

Problem is, Bella refers to phx as this glorious sunny resort town where everything is great and wonderful because the sun is always shining and Forks, Wash. is a horrible place because it’s cold and wet all the time. Too bad phx is not so glorious in real life.

It’s not sunny, it’s sun-burning.
It’s not warm, it’s being roasted alive.

It hasn’t been less than 100° for weeks and it’s over 110° for days and it’s still July! Oh no.


4 Responses to “{phx} vampires and werewolves and creepers, oh my!”

  1. G said

    Phx feels like an oven..literally.
    And I think Bella is just overly emotional. Which reminds me…I need to continue reading Eclipse.

  2. Jacob said

    maybe bella was so pale cuz she spent all her time inside during the summer like everyone else.

  3. i like tofu! said

    its a book!
    im watchin the harry potter movie 2morrow with my friends!
    cant wait!
    but i dont remember who the half-blood prince is!
    i read the whole series like SO long ago!
    do u remember?
    twilight and hp r both good
    which one do u like?

    • allisence said

      i think i like both. though i’ve only read the first book of twilight, so i’m not sure. i think book five of harry potter was horrible!

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