{phx} air conditioning and bread wars

July 17, 2009

I just moved, but the place I was living at was with two roommates. One moved out more than a month before I did, but the other one (that I shared a bathroom with) wanted to stay. In the end, she moved out even before I did. Let’s just say she and I didn’t get along very well. The place was full of passive aggressive tension and fighting — in short, it sucked and I got completely screwed over.

One major thing was the air conditioning. When it’s 110° outside, 70° inside is ridiculous. A 40° drop whenever you walk indoors is not only bad for your body but a ridiculous waste of energy, thus money that goes to paying the electric bill. But for her, even 70° was too warm. At night, she turned the AC down to 68°. I spent many nights shivering in my own room because it just seemed too weird to wear long sleeves and long pants when it was 100° on the other side of the window! So I would turn the temperature to 80° and then she’d come out of her hole and turn it to 68°. This would go on all night. It was tiring.

Another major problem was counter space. This is not to say there was not enough counter space. There was probably too much. In fact, the counter was entirely clear because she wouldn’t let me put anything on the counter. You’d think my rice cooker, teapot and loaf of bread would be acceptable kitchen counter items, but no, they were not. She would move them to on top of the fridge. I hate the idea of putting things on top of the fridge. Maybe I’m just crazy but it just seems dirty or at least extremely dusty up there. I wrote her multiple notes asking her not to move my things, but she wrote a note back saying she was going to continue moving my things. Um, ok.

So glad to be out of that apartment and have my own place!

2 Responses to “{phx} air conditioning and bread wars”

  1. Jacob said

    even polar bears dont turn their a/c down to 68! im glad u have your own place now too.

  2. im sad said

    im sure i wouldnt like her

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