{phx} where are the orange tables?

July 24, 2009

We thought we were headed to a breakfast and brunch place so getting there around noon, we expected omelets and pancakes on the menu. Instead, there were burgers and sandwiches. Apparently there are a breakfast place but only during breakfast hours. What a silly concept. At lunch they become a lunch place. But we stayed anyway and ate burgers and sandwiches. I ate a burger, something I rarely do, but it was so yummy I forgot to take a picture of it!

The really disturbing thing was the place’s menu. All the type was squished together and really hard to read. The font of the restaurant’s name is random and I’m not sure what an orange table has to do with a bike at all. Oh, well. It was a nice place, but not somewhere I’d go all the way to Scottsdale to eat at again!

This place needed some work on their menu spacing and font!

Speaking of design, I had been hosting my portolio site on my MSU web space. But, yesterday, it stopped working. They had originally told us we had two years (after graduation) before they would take our web space away. It’s only been one and my web space was gone! So in a hurry I need to find some new server space. My friend Darla recommended machighway.com awhile ago, so I went with them. And now everything is back in working order. I’ve also tweaked the design, but I’m not so sure I like it … so it’ll probably change again soon.

UPDATE! And being the person that I am, it’s already been updated!



8 Responses to “{phx} where are the orange tables?”

  1. bri said

    that happened to me at asu! they told me two years and it was gone after one.. i was so sad… all the stuff that was saved on there was gone :/

  2. bri said

    the new site reminds me of wicked… haha

  3. becca said

    the new website looks great! πŸ™‚

  4. Jacob said

    then menu didnt have prices on the burgers cuz the words were so squished!

  5. y r some cherries sweet and others sour?? said

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm ill look at ur website later!
    and intresting menu………….
    wouldnt it been kool if the menu was orange and somehow table-ish designed?????

  6. erj said

    this is interesting. only a graphic designer would comment on the font and compact nature of this diner’s menu.

  7. allisence said

    @junie you just type a : then a ) so πŸ™‚
    @erj I know! I am so cool!!!!!

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