{phx} i love public transportation

July 28, 2009

OK, everyone knows it, I love public transportation. I love it so much I have so far been able to hold out and not buy a car and still survive in phx. And one reason public transportation is bearable in phx and the Valley in general is the light rail. The light rail is weird. It’s like a bus on tracks, kind of an above ground subway that occasionally stops at red lights and it’s right next to the road.

This creates the problem of people walking across the tracks, people getting on the light rail for free because the platforms aren’t gated and light rail and car accidents, all of which have occurred many times over. The ticketing machines are confusing to use, too, thank goodness my company subsidizes an unlimited rides pass.

Yet despite all its flaws, the light rail is packed every day. And no, it’s not because everyone just gets on for free even though the system itself is not making as much money as it should be. Ridership is over a million a month and they’re extending weekend trains until 2 a.m. Really, what more could you ask? Because public transportation that comes every 10 minutes on weekdays during day time hours is pretty decent. None of the buses even come close.

Ride on!

Newly found: phx perk: air conditioning appreciation
Because it’s over 100° outside all the time and the temperatures are only climbing, people in phx really appreciate the air conditioning on buses and the light rail trains. It’s nice to know they don’t take the luxury of AC for granted.

One of those confusing light rail ticketing machines.

Inside an empty light rail train.

5 Responses to “{phx} i love public transportation”

  1. Jacob said

    Wow. How come that train is empty?! How r they gonna reach their million riders?!?

  2. ? said

    y was it empty?
    actually if it is so packed as u say it is then no one would have space 2 rob
    those buttons on the machines look fun 2 just PRESS!!

    • allisence said

      no…………it’s not usually so empty. i just happened to get on one that was empty and that’s very rare, that’s why i took a picture!

  3. erj said

    yeah i dont always love public transportation especially when the train is always late and then the subway stops multiple times underground! so dumb. mass public transportation needs improvement

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