{rock springs} best pie in arizona?

July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Erjie!

Rock Springs Cafe is said to be home of some of the best pies in Arizona. I’m not so sure. The place is just north of Maricopa County and in Rock Springs (near Black Canyon City). There’s a gift shop and the place was pretty full on a Friday afternoon. I’m told the creme pies were the best and everyone I went with started eating their pies so fast I forgot to take pictures of them! You got to give it to them, each slice of pie or crumble is decently large and they do sell thousands and thousands of pies a year, but maybe Arizona just isn’t really the place to get pie. Overall, the place wasn’t bad, just not so amazing I’d hike all the way there just to get a slice of pie.

pie1Their menu was printed like an old-style newspaper!

The food was so-so.


On a completely different note, I stumbled across a weird concept yesterday β€” a font made by a car! Learn more about it and/or download the font here.



6 Responses to “{rock springs} best pie in arizona?”

  1. oolab said

    dajie? i went 2 the website thing and saw the video but i dont get the point of making the cars make fonts
    i mean whats so special about them?

  2. erj said

    yay my bday! that food looks yucky

  3. wats me name? said

    im trying this out:

  4. Jacob said

    I want that font!!

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