{tempe} kabab meat is tough

August 2, 2009

A great thing about living in phx is that it’s right next to Tempe, a college town (actually, city) and that comes with lots and lots of variety. There are people with all kinds of ethnic backgrounds resulting in lots of different kinds of food! Tasty Kabab is one of few that feature Persian food. The hummus and pita were a-plenty and the dishes came with lots of yummy grilled vegetables, but the meat was on the tough side, which is too bad because the place had large portions and lovely table settings, too. Lamb dishes are very popular and my friends raved that there was no gamey taste at all. Too bad the prices were kind of high, though not unexpected since there were fancy meats involved.

Yummy hummus.

Lamb with heaps of rice and grilled vegetables.


4 Responses to “{tempe} kabab meat is tough”

  1. its all ur fault! said

    U ATE LAU LAU???????????????????????????????

  2. erj said

    hahaha junieee is so funny!! and that hummus looks SOO goood.

  3. Jacob said

    I want fancy non-gamey kabab meat!

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