{tempe} oh i love ikea

August 8, 2009

Happy Father’s Day!
Yes, it is Father’s Day, Chinese Father’s Day.

What could be better than modern furniture and Swedish meatballs? A place where modern furniture and Swedish meatballs are under one roof! Yes, I’m talking about Ikea. The place is amazing! There was never one near Boston growing up and even though there was one about an hour away from MSU, I never visited because I didn’t have a car. So I visited Ikea for the first time in the Valley. What’s to not love? Pretty furniture that’s relatively cheap and great Sweadish meatballs. I’ve heard that some people even drive there just to eat the meatballs!

My boss gave me $40 in Ikea money for Christmas and after finally moving recently, I went to Ikea and bought a pretty rug, some knives and a cutting board. This wasn’t my first visit to this amazing store though. The first time I went, it was for the Tempe location’s 5th birthday and I even won 24 glass cups!

Here’s the modern furniture …

… and the Swedish meatballs — yummy!

Sort of unrelated, although still has to do with design is fonts! And here are some crazy and unusual fonts for you to consider. If you scroll down, I think the cactus one is especially fitting in phx.


4 Responses to “{tempe} oh i love ikea”

  1. me2! said

    i LOVE ikea!
    though ive nvr been there………..

  2. Jacob said

    I’m glad I didnt get lost when I went there

  3. erj said

    i hate meatballs but those look yummy! the mashed potatoes i think look the best! never been to ikea… 😦

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