{tempe} price 101 divides yet reconnects

August 13, 2009



Merge by Benson Shaw
The glow of evaporation and condensation surrounds segments of canal and highway, which simultaneously create obstruction and access to the world.

Ciphered Louvers by Dan Corson
Neon lights creating colorful patterns are incorporated into the shade louvers. Can you decipher the code? Or is it a jazz improvisation with light?

Links & the Circuitous Path by Christine Bourdette
A community is formed through a long and meandering chain of events. Nearly divided but still connected, the links and serpentine shapes combine traditional forms with patterns addressing the flow of change.



Why light rail art on Thursdays? Click here.


3 Responses to “{tempe} price 101 divides yet reconnects”

  1. teehee said

    A&W ROOT BEER? i LOVE a&w root beer!

  2. Jacob said

    I dunno what louvers are. 😦

  3. allisence said

    @teehee me too!
    @jacob me either … 😦

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