{glamorous glendale} bead museum

September 27, 2009

Yesterday was Smithsonian Museum Day — a couple of friends and I took full advantage of free admission and visited the Bead Museum in Glendale. You may wonder why we chose the Bead Museum. Even the name makes the place sound like a snore, but it was actually pretty interesting (and none of the other museums we hadn’t visited yet sounded that great either). I’m pretty sure the Museum is meant to be not only a place where you can learn about the history of beads and how they differ across cultures, but a meeting place for those who like or want to learn about beading and others who need to buy beads for personal projects.

The museum is small compared to other museums, but bigger than I expected considering it was all about beads! We learned that any object that can be strung together is considered a bead; beads don’t even need to have holes in them. Before the invention of the drill, for example, many beads had grooves and people used the grooves to attach the beads to clothing or string.

The Museum logo uses an interesting font.

There were lots and lots of beads for sale.

Look at the size of those beads!

Beads can also be made of bug shells.

We even dug for beads and other treasures in the kids section!


5 Responses to “{glamorous glendale} bead museum”

  1. erj said

    ooo that looks interesting!! did you guys get to make a necklace or something?

  2. Jacob said

    ew! bug shells?!?!

  3. G said

    couple of comments..
    1) “couple of friends”?? — liang ge gege!!
    2) “any object that can be strung together is considered a bead” — LOL no pic of the “other” object that’s a bead.

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