{phx} art-full winter wedding — the ceremony

December 20, 2009

Yesterday I went to a lovely winter wedding … well, it’s as winter as it gets in phx. So much of the stuff was DIY, which is even more amazing considering the bride is in optometry school and had tons of finals just a few days before the wedding!

The afternoon ceremony was at a little church on 26th Street between Osborn and Indian School. It was almost too small for all the guests. Good thing they had an overflow balcony area!

The reception was at the Phoenix Art Museum not far from where I live. More on that with better pictures tomorrow.

The church has pretty stained-glass windows, but they made it hard to take pictures inside.

The church from the outside.

The ceremony programs were so pretty!

You may now kiss the bride.

Here are some happy guests.


5 Responses to “{phx} art-full winter wedding — the ceremony”

  1. erj said

    whats DIY?? i cant wait to see more picturesss i love wedding photos!

  2. junier! said

    ooooooooooooo! was it fun?
    is this the wedding youve been talking about ever since i visited?

  3. "sanjie" said

    oh thats cool! who got married!

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