{boston} congrats grads

May 24, 2010

Yesterday, the class of 2010 officially graduated from Tufts University and my sister was one of them. It was quite the boring event, just like all commencement ceremonies. I never went to my own college graduation because I was still wandering around South America at the time, but yesterday definitely confirmed all my I’m-going-to-be-so-bored expectations. So graduations are boring, but at least the idea of having graduated is exciting! Yay for the class of 2010!

Jumbo — Tufts University’s mascot

At the big all-school commencement

Lining up for individual school ceremonies


Celebrating with family


7 Responses to “{boston} congrats grads”

  1. Jacob said

    congrats Annalice!

  2. attrace said

    yayy congratulations erjie! haha at my school you don’t even get your diploma on graduation – it gets mailed to you later haha.

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  4. erj said

    whyyyy thankkkk youuu!! a blog dedicated to me =)

  5. junier! said

    congrats erjie!
    im so late……….=/

  6. pinakibgl said

    Congrats, good pictures.

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