{boston} eating in the rainforest

July 14, 2010

Recently, I went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in the Burlington Mall. It is called the Rainforest Cafe because it is decorated like a rainforest (duh)! The restaurant is filled with trees and animals, and the ceiling is decorated like a night sky with glowing stars. It is pretty cool because you actually feel like you are eating in the middle of a rainforest. However, I don’t think that food lives up to the standard of the decor. My sandwich was good, but not anything extraordinary. Overall, it is a unique restaurant experience, and children especially love it!

Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest eating experience

Excellent rainforest decor

Elephants — they look so real!

The night sky!!

My grilled chicken sandwich


3 Responses to “{boston} eating in the rainforest”

  1. allisence said

    we have a rainforest cafe in phx too!

  2. "sanjie" said

    oooh i remember that place! isn’t it kind of expensive too? =(

  3. junier! said

    yeah, the food isnt that good =/

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