{tucson} it’s cold in here

August 28, 2010

Imagining snowboarding in Tucson in the middle of the summer! That’s what it’s like when you walk into the the winter wonderland called Coldsnap in Tucson. I love the snow and going snowboarding so this place definitely put a smile on my face. There are snowflakes on the ceiling, a wicked cool winter landscape on the wall, and benches made from unmounted snowboards, which I thought was just about the most creative thing on earth.

I’m probably the only person who would ever go there just to sit on the snowboard benches … most people visit for their frozen yogurt and smoothies. Being a small family-owned place, they get to choose and switches out their froyo flavors whenever they want. There are always four flavors ready to flow, and even toppings of the day that are free!


It’s cold in here.

These are the most amazing benches in the world!

Free toppings



3 Responses to “{tucson} it’s cold in here”

  1. junier! said

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! it seems like the COOLEST froyo place ever! bring me there please daj!

  2. "sanjie" said

    mmm that looks so good! was it cold inside the shop? haha.

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