{tucson} perfect southwestern home

August 31, 2010

Growing up in the Northeast, whenever I heard about the Southwest, I imagined the Pueblo people living in red rock. The occasional adobe house home to cowboys who hung guns on the wall also popped into my head. Never did I imagine boring cookie-cutter houses that seem to be everywhere here!

I do admit there are some truly awesome 50’s bungalows in several districts in Central Phoenix, but still, none of them looked like what I had for so long associated with the Southwest. Low and behold, I visit Tucson and there was the perfect Southwestern house, just like I had always imagined — minus the cowboys and guns, which is quite alright!

A Southwestern photo adventure:


4 Responses to “{tucson} perfect southwestern home”

  1. I LOVE these photos! But then I live in Britain where we last saw the sun in 1974. the patterns, the textures, it’s all enthralling. Thanks.

  2. "sanjie" said

    whoah that is some intricate sink tiling

  3. junier! said

    how intresting!
    cool tileing!

  4. Jacob said

    what a nice house

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