{phx} our deck park wedding

November 20, 2010

Two years ago, SGT Fong and I started dating when he was on leave from his first deployment. 36 days ago, we got married (oh, yea, did I forget to mention that earlier?) at a teeny, tiny wedding ceremony performed by his army chaplain. The ceremony pretty much lacked planning in all aspects, but I knew almost none was required. You know why? Because we had chosen the absolute perfect spot.

Margaret T. Hance Park, better known as Deck Park, is the most amazing piece of city greenery in all of phx. I firmly believe this because it covers the top of an interstate highway that goes right under downtown Phoenix. It’s also kind of where we had our first date and where SGT. Fong proposed, so yea, it was kind of perfect.

And the only reason we have such amazing photos from this event is all thanks to SGT. Fong’s twin brother who I’ve deemed my best friend. He likes to beg to differ … 🙂

A city park wedding photo adventure:


3 Responses to “{phx} our deck park wedding”

  1. erj said

    this is so cuteeee!! love the pictures. they are so great. cant wait for the other ceremony =)

  2. becca said

    beautiful! love your red dress 🙂 congrats again!

  3. attrace said

    hehe congrats dajie! i love your pictures!

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