{phx} cityscape’s yogurtini

September 27, 2011

Up until now, the only frozen yogurt place in downtown phx was A Touch of Yogurt, essentially a mom and pop place that I’ve been to a couple of times before, but they aren’t open on the weekends. Thank goodness then for Yogurtini now serving downtown and located in awesome CityScape. One thing I noticed about Yogurtini that makes it stand out from the rest of the froyo places that have popped up all over the Valley is its suggested recipes. For example, if you want a Mud Slide cup of yogurt, it tells you exactly which froyo flavors and toppings to add to your cup. Pretty creative, huh? I didn’t try any of the recipes, but both my tart grapefruit and tart blueberry yogurts were delicious!

Tons more businesses have opened at CityScape since I was last there (at the beginning of summer before I went to Thailand). I feel so privileged to get a chance to see downtown phx grow up and transform itself into something more. I’m waiting for Chipotle to open later this year. I just can’t wait!!!

A frozen-tini photo adventure:


One Response to “{phx} cityscape’s yogurtini”

  1. erjie said

    yum!! there are so many of these kind of self serve yogurt things now. i still love yogurtland!

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