{san diego} little korea

December 14, 2011

Everyday my mom gets emails from Groupon telling her about their daily deals and a few weeks ago she saw a really great deal for a restaurant called Little Korea in La Jolla. She knows that I really love Korean food so we bought the Groupon! During spring break we finally had some time to go down to La Jolla to try it. It took us a little while to find parking because La Jolla is always really crowded and busy. We finally found parking and walked a short distance to Little Korea. It is located upstairs facing a busy street but there were big signs so it was easy to find.

We got inside and saw that it was a small, cozy little restaurant with a nice ocean view. Our Groupon already told us what we could order so not much ordering was done. Not long after, the waitress came with many little Korean dishes and the appetizer, a Seafood and Kimchi Pancake. Following that, Hot Pot Bibimbob came with bulgogi (beef) and shrimp. I was super satisfied with the meal because I thought it was really authentic and good but my mom thought it was just average.

A little Korean photo adventure:


One Response to “{san diego} little korea”

  1. "sanjie" said

    korean food always seems to be spicy. blech! but yeah mamie really likes groupon now – so funny!

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