{scottsdale} food truck extravaganza

January 15, 2012

Even though we’re in the middle of a series of Ms Oosterdam cruise posts, yesterday, I went to an amazing food truck extravaganza that I just have to write about. While the event itself didn’t turn out all that well, for a number of different reasons, the idea was certainly a hit.

A total of 31 food trucks gathered yesterday at the new Salt River Fields at Talking Stick for the first ever Street Eats in the Valley.  I’m guessing they simply didn’t expect that many people to show up because when we got there around 1 p.m.,  one truck was completely out of food, others were running low on certain items, and every line required approximately an hour’s wait. Some people were upset and wanted their money back and others weren’t completely satisfied with their food resulting in lots of cutting and adults doing things they were definitely taught not to do in kindergarten! This is not to say there weren’t happy campers, too. Many people were in good spirits as well. Hopefully this was a learning experience for the people who put this event together and they’ll learn from their mistakes for next year’s event!

A food truckin’ photo adventure:


2 Responses to “{scottsdale} food truck extravaganza”

  1. erj said

    ooo what kind of food did you guys get? looks quite yummy!

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