{oosterdam} on board excitement

January 16, 2012

Someone once told me that they got board during a cruise. I have absolutely no idea what in the world they could be talking about. Seriously. Every night, we got an list of all the events that were planned for the next day. These events ranged from hands-on technology seminars and fitness events to food-oriented seminars and shows. There was constantly something happening on board there was no time to be bored. In fact, a number of times, there were so many things happening at the same time, that we just had to skip exciting events. Some of my favorites were 3 p.m. Tea Times, Sunset Strolls, and Cooking with the Captain on the last day at sea. Wouldn’t you agree that a cruise ship is always exciting and never boring? I would!

Read about Oosterdam accommodations, a beautiful ocean sunset, and cruise decorations in these previous posts.

The Lido pool

The 2-story Vista Lounge

Ice sculpture presentation — I think it’s an eagle.

The Oosterdam Dancers and Singers

Indonesian Tea decorations

Orchid in the bathroom

On Deck for the Cure 5k

Goodbye from the crew


One Response to “{oosterdam} on board excitement”

  1. erj said

    wow that looks like so much fun! cooking seminarss cool!!

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