{oosterdam} on board towel animals

January 17, 2012

One of my absolute favorite things about being on the Oosterdam was the towel animals that showed up on our bed every evening after we came back from dinner. I thought they were just so funny and awesome all at the same thime. The best part was the chocolate eyes! The first night, we had a scary scorpion. We wondered if it was because we were from the desert, but then later found out that the entire ship got the same animal that night. The staff gets a calendar that tells them which animal to make each night!

During our last day at sea, we attended a towel folding seminar. Three of the stateroom stewards helped host the seminar and showed the audience how to fold many of the cute creatures they put on our beds every evening! There was even a book for sale, but we didn’t end up buying it. Oh, sad.

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A foldin’ cruisin’ photo adventure:


3 Responses to “{oosterdam} on board towel animals”

  1. erj said

    hahaha this is awesome!! so can you fold towels now after going to the seminar?

  2. Ba said

    How quaint!
    Made you want to skip shower and not use the towels.
    I guess it’s a cruise thing. I searched it and saw some youtube videos teaching how to do them, quaint.

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