{oosterdam} on board eats (part 4)

January 31, 2012

After appetizers, soup/salad, and the main entree, we had the option to order dessert. Since we were on vacation and a cruise at that, we decided to go for it! Almost every night, we had a cappuccino along with one of their ever-changing dessert options. There was Champagne Ice Cream, Baked Alaska, Chocolate Tres Leches, Creme Brulee, Cheesecakes, Cheese Plates, a different kind of cobbler every night, just to name a few of the different options. Dessert was always a big hit!

Read about the Oosterdam accommodations, a beautiful ocean sunset, cruise decorations, on board excitement, and towel animals in these previous posts.

Crusin’ desserts photo adventure:


3 Responses to “{oosterdam} on board eats (part 4)”

  1. Me & Beirut said

    Ouf, this post kills!! 😉

  2. Ba said

    Decadent, definitely should try more than one per meal.

  3. erj said

    i would go on a cruise for for these desserts!

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