{puerto vallarta} gone snorkeling

February 5, 2012

Even though previous posts might have you thinking all we did when we got off the cruise ship after landing in Puerto Vallarta was visit a Church and eat at a little seafood place, you are totally wrong. Yup, we actually went snorkeling! It was the absolute first time I had ever gone snorkeling. In fact, I’m not even that great of a swimmer so snorkeling sounded like a scary adventure. It turned out to not be so bad at all mainly because they gave me a noodle to hold on to the entire time. It would have been pretty hard to tread water and swim around for two 45-minute blocks of time anyway.

We bought some underwater disposable cameras so we were actually able to take some pretty cool pictures under the water, but I didn’t scan those in so I can’t show you any of them (maybe another time). Even still, the scenery above the water was pretty beautiful and so were the dolphins and whales we passed by, too! The absolute best part though, was poking a puffed-up puffer fish. That was pretty awesome.

A Mexican snorkeling adventure:


2 Responses to “{puerto vallarta} gone snorkeling”

  1. erj said

    so jealous!! i really wanna see the underwater photos!! glad they turned out well.it was worth the walmart trip haha

  2. Ba said

    And the Lettle Red Riding Hood said “What big feet you have!”

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