{cabo san lucas} los arcos

February 18, 2012

Cabo San Lucas was our second and last port city on the cruise we took earlier this year on board the Ms Oosterdam courtesy of Holland America Cruise Line. We stopped in Puerto Vallarta first, but I realized that Cabo San Lucas was by far my favorite out of the two stops. While Puerto Vallarta was nice, it was a little too resort town-like for me. And I can’t really argue that Cabo isn’t for tourists because it most certainly is, but there’s still a certain quaintness to the city that I just loved.

One of Cabo San Lucas’ most famous attractions is Los Arcos — a series of iconic rock formations where the Gulf of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. We paid some guy a few dollars and he was able to give us a mini tour of Los Arcos on the way to Lover’s Beach (more about that tomorrow). He even slowed down to let us take pictures of the abundant pelicans and the lounging sea lions and seals. Los Arcos is truly beautiful.

A Cabo arches photo adventure:


2 Responses to “{cabo san lucas} los arcos”

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  2. erj said

    this is so pretty!! i like the sealion!!

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