{cabo san lucas} la ciudad

February 20, 2012

After Los Arcos and Lover’s Beach, we spent the rest of the day in the city of Cabo San Lucas. This is where the certain quaintness comes in that I feel Puerto Vallarta sort of lacks. Because the waters along Cabo just aren’t as deep, the cruise ship anchored in the middle of the bay and we had to ride tender boats (life boats during non-emergency situations) to shore, which put us right in the middle of downtown. I super appreciated this because that meant we didn’t need to taxi in, which also saved money.

Once on shore, the town we were able to walk around and visit all the little stores, taste some fresh seafood, and visit some trinket markets. Overall, it was pretty low-key, but very relaxing. Of course, I made sure we visited the Church located at the center of town to get our cultural fix for the day.

A Cabo city photo adventure:


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