{palm springs} cultural relics from the agua caliente

March 2, 2012

When I first looked up thinking things to do in Palm Springs, I really wanted to go to the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum & Store because it looked really awesome. When we arrived in downtown Palm Springs, we noticed a building next you Ruddy’s General Store with that very name and were very confused. We wondered how that building could house all the things their website boasted, but we went in anyway since it was free. It was neat to look around and learn about all the people who lived in the various Canyons around Palm Springs, but I could only sneak a few pictures because they explicitly had a sign that said “No Pictures!”

As it turned out, we really were in the real Agua Caliente Cultural Museum & Store, but they’re actually in the process of building another more awesome museum! I guess we’ll have to go back and visit in the future, especially since it was the first Native American museum to be part of the Smithsonian Institution Affiliations Program.

A mini Agua Caliente photo adventure:


One Response to “{palm springs} cultural relics from the agua caliente”

  1. We’re so glad you enjoyed the Museum and hope you’ll return when you’re in Palm Springs.

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