{palm springs} flying by the air museum

March 6, 2012

Besides the Palm Springs Art Museum, due to SGT Fong’s military status, we were also able to get into the Palm Springs Air Museum for free, which meant that even though I have very low interest in planes and helicopters and such, I still really wanted to visit the museum. Of course, SGT Fong being an air traffic controller was a little more interested in all that stuff than I was.

The Palm Springs Air Museum happens to house one of the nation’s largest WWII flying air craft collections. All of them started to look the same to me after awhile (even though we were there less than an hour), but there were actually a lot of people there milling around looking very intently at all the different planes and helicopters.

A flying photo adventure:


One Response to “{palm springs} flying by the air museum”

  1. Ba said

    That looks like a pilot doing taiji (tai chi)

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