[room 329] hands-on manipulatives

March 29, 2012

When I took over my current classroom. I found a lot of stuff — some of the stuff was awesome and some of it was real junk. One of the things I am absolutely thankful for though is this manipulatives organizer. Not all the things that are in there now were there when it came to me so I’ve filled it with more things, but it is such a blessing to have this organizer so I can keep all my little manipulatives in the same place and not all over the place. Of the things that came with the organizer, I especially appreciate the large collection of dice, the two-sided chips, and the connectable spiders!

Manipulatives organizer


2 Responses to “[room 329] hands-on manipulatives”

  1. annalice said

    oh yeah a lot of classrooms have these! its great

  2. pinakibgl said

    Manipulatives organizer…good things

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