{chicago} highlighting city culture

March 31, 2012

The current day Chicago Cultural Center was originally completed in 1987 as Chicago’s first central public library and a memorial to the Civil War union Army veterans’ organization. Nowadays, it serves as a place for visitors and Chicagoans alike can go and learn more about the great city of Chicago, its diverse culture, and unique history. We visited the Cultural Center our first day in the city since it sits right next to the infamous Millennium Park home to the even more famous Bean.

Walking in, we found a tourist information center, but more importantly, all kinds of people from all walks of life chatting, reading, drinking coffee, and strolling the galleries. On the first floor, we saw two exhibits (one by the Wroclaw School of Printmaking and the other of iconic but lesser-known Chicago landmarks) and a unique studio space (Project Onward) that offers people with exceptionalities a place to create, display, and sell their art.

On the second and third floors, we saw huge rotundas and domes as well as a very interesting typography exhibit, that I, of course, found very interesting considering my previous life as a graphic designer. The fourth floor, however, was where the main gallery was at, and that was the scariest place of all! It just so happened that what was on display was a show called Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection that focused on how different cultures viewed and portrayed death and dying. It was creepy!

A cultural photo adventure:


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    city cultures on clicks….

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